What you need to know about CBD full-spectrum and isolates

If you are currently engaging into CBD into your practice or plan to, here is a bit of information which might serve beneficial.

By now you might understand that CBD can come as an isolate (CBD extract only) or a full-spectrum, often referred to as a “hemptourage” effect, which is inclusive of all the ingredients of the extract of hemp.

They look, feel and taste completely different, and, have different values to them- all of which your customers might not have any idea.

First off, which is better?

Well, better is not the best term, instead I think we should use “preferred.”

I prefer the full spectrum, as it includes all 500 plus distinct compounds including various phytocannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, fatty acids, plant sterols vitamin E and more. Some of these are already ripe with evidence-based backing and benefits, while others are being discovered almost on a daily basis. Qualities being discovered include enhanced absorption, synergestic benefits...

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Introducing Master Class in Medicinal Hemp and the ECS

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2019

Hey Friends!

I am super excited to announce the launch of my new class, A Master Class in Medicinal Hemp and the Endocannabinoid System for Healthcare and Wellness Practitioners.

As mentioned in the video, in addition to the low introductory price, use the code PHARM and get an additional 50% Off until the 5'th of October.

Click here to claim your master class

And remember, the coupon code PHARM

In this course you will find:

  • A through understanding of the workings of the Endocannabinoid system 
  • The roles the endocannabinoid system plays in overall health, as a master regulator of homeostatic balance.
  • The impact of stress, toxins, wrong exercise, too much or, lack of exercise, can have, straining the endocannabinoid system.
  • The impact that cannabidiol (CBD), other phytocannabinoids and constituents of hemp, can have on the endocannabinoid system and other biological receptors and pathways.
  • Differentiate between marijuana and hemp, THC and CBD.
  • Recognize the value of cannabidiol...
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Functional Pharmacy Five 9/22/19


Welcome to this weeks Functional Pharmacy Five, where I share with you some tasty tid-bits in about 5 minutes.

I kind of go of course from Pharmacy, though not Functional Pharmacy, and share with you a critical element to health and wellness, and a personal story I experienced this weekend at Yoga Teacher Training which was beyond moving.

I hope you enjoy it, and have a great week!

And, if you have not signed up for the Level I functional Pharmacy certification I speak out, here's there deets

Be Well * Have Fun * Do Good


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That Ahhh Haaa, when you realize you love what your doing AND what you've been missing

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2019

You know that feeling when your nearing your fiftieth trip around the sun and you have an aha moment, of…holy sh#% I dig what I am doing and OMG, look what I have been missing!!! One of the missings for me has been community, which is funny as I am a community pharmacist, and you can find me jawing with my customers on goings on in their life on any given day.

This is different.

This is being IN community.

Being IN community is a root to a healthy and rewarding life, and what I have learned the past year is that both #yoga and #crossfit come with amazing support structures and built in communities.

I have always been the one happy enough to observe the world from my stand alone perches, get lost hiking up in the mountains, find a stream to sit beside with my pad and pen, or just get out on my skateboard and flow.

I began Yoga Teacher Training back in May. It has been an amazing experience, and in addition to the rewarding nature of being able to teach the functional medicine...

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Functional Pharmacy Five 9/15/19

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2019

Here’s this weeks Functional Pharmacy 5- where I share some health or practice building tips in about 5 minutes…give or take

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who was on the introductory CE for Functional Pharmacy Certification, we had an amazing turnout and great response.

I am really excited to expand this journey with you.

If you signed up for level one, congrats, and if you didn’t, let me know any questions or concerns you have, and you can sign up at any time, even if you were not on the call this week.

Just click here for more information

And…as we are putting together Level II as we speak, I would love to hear what you would like to see… (the video explains more ) not to belabor…

And ready for the 5? Enjoy the video…I share with you some of the tid bits on health and wellness from Level I – the Power of Play and being in Nature.


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The Functional Pharmacy Five 9/8/19

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2019

Happy Sunday folks, here’s your Functional Pharmacy 5 for the week. Everyday lab tests to dial in thyroid function.

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Functional Pharmacy Five 9/2/19

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

Functional Pharmacy Five, is where I share some great tidbits of info, in just about 5 minutes...give or take, enjoy!

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The Missing Key to Diets that Don’t Work- Lifestyle!

So, I’m pretty psyched...we’re just about to launch the Integrative Pharmacy Specialist Certification Program through Freece.com with an introductory overview on September, 12.

In this module I share with you the 5 Primary Keys to Functional Pharmacy, and the first one, Diet…actually, lifestyle diet.

What is a lifestyle diet?

A lifestyle diet encompasses the food someone eats, along with lifestyle factors that will further impact health in either a positive or negative way.

Lifestyle factors that are commonly associated with dietary patterns include:

  • exercise, or lack thereof
  • social connection
  • alcohol consumption
  • stress management
  • sleep health

Its understandable that 80% of our body composition is attributed to the foods we eat, and it’s the lifestyle measures that complement our food choices and help keep us on track.

This is why when lifestyle is not incorporated into a diet…the diet doesn’t work.

What are your favorite elements of lifestyle...

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CBD Wakes Up Sleepy Sleep Supplement Sales

cbd cbdforsleep insomnia sleep Aug 27, 2019

Approximately 1/3 of Adults in the US do not get adequate sleep each night- the plaque of ‘short-sleepers’ can lead to metabolic conditions, inflammation, spiked cortisol and much more.

Reasons for not sleeping can be elevated cortisol at night time due to an imbalanced stress-repair ratio, or along the same lines, that dreaded monkey mind that seems difficult to shut down around 2-4 in the morning.

Many supplements have been touted over the years, inhibitory neurotransmitters to calm down the mind, nervines and relaxants, and many to great avail, many to temporary fixes, others leaving people dragging their feet day in and day out.

Now it looks like the massive influx of hemp-based products, touting the benefits of CBD have something to say about it…as Hemp CBD supplements have spiked sleep supplement sales by 12% in 2018, and the numbers are expected to keep climbing.

As a practitioner, I have seen very good results, across the board, regardless of why the...

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