OK, let's be real… As practitioners we often suck as patients!

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I went to our physical therapist/myofascial release specialist the other day… And I was a day early, my week was so frazzled I couldn't even get my calendar together.


After shifting me back into parasympathetic… She gave me some homework to do. Every day I had to designate a real or imaginary circle, and just be in it for 30 minutes. Do nothing. Ground.

I said "cool, can I play with my dog?" "No," she said, "although you can pet her and love on her."

She then goes to tell me that when her kids are acting up, she tells then they can do one of two things, they can go out and run, or they can find their circle and stay in it.

So I asked, "why don't I get the option to run?" Her response," because you're always running, I need you to stay still. "

Humility can be a bitch sometimes.

Day 1 : I delegated this rock below my feet as my circle. Easier said than done... I put down the phone so I wouldn't arbitrarily reach for it, although I did find myself unconsciously, stepping up on the fire pit, and walking around it, that habitual need to move.

Pilar decided to do it with me, which made me realize sometimes the medicine that we need, is needed by those around us as well.

- [ ] Do your kids need to go out and play? Maybe you need to go out and play?

- [ ] Do your kids, need time away from distractions, social media, the phone or computer?

.... - I think you see the pattern

Talk soon, Rob