Functional Pharmacy Five 9/22/19


Welcome to this weeks Functional Pharmacy Five, where I share with you some tasty tid-bits in about 5 minutes.

I kind of go of course from Pharmacy, though not Functional Pharmacy, and share with you a critical element to health and wellness, and a personal story I experienced this weekend at Yoga Teacher Training which was beyond moving.

I hope you enjoy it, and have a great week!

And, if you have not signed up for the Level I functional Pharmacy certification I speak out, here's there deets

Be Well * Have Fun * Do Good


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If You Are Reading This...Chances Are You Have Been Commoditized

So I was thinking...

We are in a time of industry disruption. Industry disruptions are a consistent through history, although technology has sent them on the fast track model of the future. 

It's not a bad thing...although for those resistant to change, it literally can be the final nail in the casket of a career which does not look the same, feel the same, or did not promise what they hoped for.

Let's look at some examples.

  • The automobile has replaced horse drawn buggies
  • Cheap air flight..taken over railway
  • What Amazon did to not just the small...but the big book sellers
  • What uber is doing to transportation
  • What the internet and social media properties have done to print magazines, conventional advertising, TV and cable
  • and the list goes on

Pharmacy has been disrupted tremendously over the years- and has gone fast forward like a bat out of hell since the economic downfall in 2008.

2008 hit and there was a huge contraction in the market- and regardless IF it affected...

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The most important ingredient to becoming the 'obvious expert'

Some of you are the obvious expert, and some of you want to and should be the obvious expert in your market...and when you are, it makes all the difference.

Last week I shared with you my ‘business mantra’ I like to remind myself of to ensure healthy business growth.

Let’s refresh, and in all honesty, I left one out, specific knowledge, which I want to share with you today.

Business is a game of who communicates best, solves problems, adds value, maintains specific knowledge, and acts now, wins!

It literally is that simple.

If you break your business down to these 5 components…you cannot go wrong.

Last week I covered two areas; problem solving and adding value. The problem solver is a no-brainer, it’s something that we have been trained very well on as pharmacists. Problem solving is the most basic thing you can do to de-commoditize yourself in your practice.

But we can do more, right?

Then I talked about continuously adding value, this is what turns a...

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How to grow your practice like the Japanese Automotive Industry

Do you remember a few decades ago, maybe less, when there was a prevailing belief that Japanese cars were much more reliable than American automobiles?

Actually, it was not as much of a belief as it was a fact, and Japanese vehicles continually shown to get more miles in their lifetime, with less needs for repair.

This was an interesting turn of events, especially since it was American automakers that spurred the industrial revolution.

Fortunately, not only has U.S. car makers turned things around, it seems the auto-industry at large has. It’s an interesting story on how it got this way…and something that can do great things for your practice.

And to be honest, I have been a loyal Nissan driver since switching from VW in the early ‘90’s.

Have you heard the story of how Japan become a world leader in manufacturing, and gained such a reputation for quality? It’s quite interesting.

In 1950, General MacArthur was frustrated with the war-ravaged Japanese...

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Two things about thyroid function we often overlook

It’s true, thyroid, primarily hypothyroidism, is under-assessed, under-addressed, and leaves a lot of people feeling like crap, at risk for numerous states of disease- all the while they have been told their thyroid is fine.

We understand the issues of the lack, or under testing- as it seems par for the course is free T4 and TSH, which is not a plausible assessment when a patient has low thyroid symptoms.

Have you have had a patient who had their thyroid radiated, to the point it was not working? What was the thyroid dose they were prescribed?

If someone has no thyroid activity at all, the replacement dose of T4/T3, is 100 mcg and 30 mcg respectively, due to equivalent of healthy natural daily thyroid production.

So, does it make you wonder, why you have patients that still have thyroid activity, but are on dosages exceeding this?

The reasons can be many, from nutritional depletions, elevated antibodies, lack of conversion, heavy metals, food intolerances, adrenal dysfunction,...

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Is the Magnesium Your Selling To Your Customers Contaminated With Arsenic?


Magnesium is one of my best sellers, it always has been. I find it easy to sell, because of the benefits it provides to a wide array of health issues AND I truly believe in the value it can provide. It’s one of those TINY TWEAKS that can make a BIG IMPACT.

The other day a customer was asking for some recommendations on stress. She showed me all the supplements she was taking via pictures on her iPhone.

All but one was from me, and it was a liquid magnesium called Natural Vitality Natural Calm. I have seen this product before as it seems to be a ‘hot seller’ at the local herb store.

I never took the time to look into it, although it seemed to be one of those products created from a marketing company who sells nutritional supplements, opposed to a quality nutritional company who markets their products through truth, transparency, and science.

Here’s the link to their website.

First, let’s have a little...

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Probably the biggest news on vitamin D in a while...

Let's face it, you know the importance of optimizing vitamin D levels, I know the importance, but we both hear our customers say that their vitamin D was tested and their doctors say it was normal when in fact it was probably 'old skool' normal.

Have you ever had someone ask for 1000 iu's of vitamin D, and you know they probably need more?

What is the average daily dose that you recommend?

Over the years I would say, 2000 iu's is a good daily dose, but best to have your levels tested to optimize, when the whole time, I take 5000 iu's daily, while not being shy of the sunshine and this holds my levels at a happy 60 to 70 ng/ml.

This is why I was ecstatic to hear about the latest news, how a group of researchers are calling for an adjustment of the RDA...TEN TIMES HIGHER!

According to researchers from Canada and the U.S., the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), messed up the math when they ran the numbers for vitamin D in developing the RDA for...

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Fish Oil and Vitamin D- A Powerful One-Two Punch for Computer and Dry Eye Syndrome

Who’s not looking at digital screens these days? Often referred to as “computer eyes”, which are dry and burning eyes caused by hours of screen time. Officially known as “computer vision syndrome” this is becoming a growing problem with people looking for solutions.

Dry eye syndrome in itself affects millions, and is a growing problem in the elderly population, as well as other age groups which can be aggravated by activities such as using a computer for an extended period of time, lack of sleep, and the environment in which people live in regards to moisture content of the air. Winter time when people are inside of their house in the forced heat, or even on airplanes can adversely affect issues of dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome can be associated with burning and stinging of the eye, blurry vision, eye fatigue, inflammation and redness.

More information is coming out on how the nutritional sciences can support both issues of Computer and Dry Eye...

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