How to Double Your Paying Audience on Complementary Services

Looking at wellness…there are basically two options. Selling through consults, or selling through recommendations at your pharmacy and your marketing.

As you probably know, my practice developed from providing one-on-one consults and then to focusing on quick point and shoot recommendations and a marketing program to augment, which I based my members consulting and marketing program on.

Which is best for you?

It’s all about the customers, as in anything in our business.

If your customers are like my customers…and everyone else’s customers, then the answer is BOTH!

…That is if you want to be firing on all cylinders and create a successful practice resilient to competitive attack.

There are some people who will prefer coming to the pharmacy, asking you questions, taking your direction and purchase products.

Then there are others who want that one-on-on attention and will gladly pay for your consulting advice, and be guided in a more customized...

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Will You Allow The Preventative Wellness Train Transform Your Practice or Leave You Humiliated On The Platform

Trends in consumer’s habits can tell you exactly where you want your business to be; now and in the future.

One area which has been a huge growth category is health and wellness and offers the perfect complement to any pharmacy practice; especially if they desire to strengthen their offerings in preventative and natural medicine.

There have been a few surveys this year which further highlight the consumers desire of getting healthy and staying healthy, and some of the values and desires which they are bringing to the table.

Nielsen published their global health and wellness survey earlier this year which showed congruent trends the worldwide. 50% of consumers surveyed said they had plans on shedding weight, and 75% said they will be adopting healthier habits the year ahead.

Then Alixpartners published their North American Wellness Review, which showed that consumers are willing to spend more on healthy food and healthy habits.

This continually growing trend has been going on for a...

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