I thought abougt what Top 50 Really Means to Me

Jan 22, 2024

Last week the Top 50 Most Influential in Pharmacy were announced by Pharmacy Podcast Network and Todd Eury, and I came in 43’rd.

And you know what?

…I’m super stoked.

I am not one for fanfare (publicly- although I probably get jazzed more than most on a good testimonial), and being recognized, or in the running for such a thing, has never been my thing.

In the past I would have run the other way

And…sometimes I just need to get out of my own way!

So, I thought about what this really means.

I mean, I am grateful, it’s super awesome that people think of me in such a manner, so yes, I am honored to be nominated first off, and to make it Top 50, super grateful.

Here’s the thing.

I wrote about the Dilution of Functional Medicine in my State of the Industry, 2024- so the contrarian part of me wondered, is my nomination a symptom of such, or…does it symbolize the change at hand?

I looked back at my past year or two and took inventory.

  • I have spoken out more about topics of allopathic medicine, where in the past I would have stayed quiet.
  • Soul of Medicine, the Functional Medicine Practice I am in with my partner Dr Kay Corpus, continues to grow in our Beyond Functional way of practicing.
  • I have been laying the groundwork for ManAuthentic, my Functional Medicine- Masculine Alchemy Program which has been getting only positive attention- challenging paradigms and popular mainstream opinions.
  • My Beyond The Labs Cohort has taken off way beyond what I have expected- with rave reviews from amazing pharmacists I never knew before I started this.
  • I am about to release my Healers Journey and Entrepreneurship in a Brave New World Coaching and Mentoring which is not only practice related, but personal as well.
  • …and a whole lot more

Over the years being in the Functional Realm, and especially writing my book Whole Pharmacy back in 2013 where I called out Pharma many times over, I did it in a very careful way- one foot in and one foot out.

In fact, I really never ever promoted it- but now I am (in fact, you can download it for free on my website www.functionalpharmacy.com

And now I am doing it all with both feet in, and while its not antagonistic, I am doing so comfortably as I know I am standing in truth, which I often “pacified” in the past, as I know many of you do.

And that’s what Top 50 Means to be- Frikken Authenticity- non folding, non-bending, non-compromising values and voice.

Just good ol’ Godfather of Functional Pharmacy Authentic me…

This for me is huge, as a pharmacist it’s huge. How many of us are people pleasers, often approval seekers- and we are shape shifters.

And…if we really want to have a career that lights us up, if we really want to make an impact in our own life and in the lives of others, if we want to find that gift, unique to just ourselves and bringing it to the world…

Authenticity is the key!

And…if you want to stop playing one foot in and one foot out, and are ready to step in with both feet , I highly recommend Beyond The Labs, Clinical and Lifestyle Protocols for wellness – coaching, training, transformation cohort.

Thank you for listening,

Talk soon,