Ramblings and Reflections with Rob- Inspired Focus

May 09, 2023

For this issue of Ramblings and Reflections with yours truly, I wanted to talk about Inspired Focus, because its way more than the bee's knees.

Inspired Focus is Your Most Valuable Currency 

(Regardless of your astrological sign, your numerology, or your human design) 

Focused inspiration – well, that’s a dopamine bomb that will keep you on your path, engaged, and eager to create and complete (no more “great idea’s taking space in your mind or post it notes on your desk) 

It reminds me of the “what” behind the power of play, what play is all about 

You see, Play is good vibing, it feels good, its fun, with other qualities including: 

  •  Apparently purposeless (done for its own sake) 
  •  Voluntary 
  •  Inherent attraction 
  •  Freedom from time 
  •  Diminished consciousness of self 
  •  Improvisational potential 
  •  Continuation desire 

Can you imagine if you looked at whatever your business is this way? 

I encourage you to look at your practice or your business…and see how many of these bullet points ring true for you. 

Then, for the no’s…see if you can alter them to fit the mold. 

And if yes…it’s a win, get to playing and keep playing and creating. 

Then…ask yourself, why am I doing what I am doing? 

If it’s out of fear… 

If it’s out of survival 

If its out of pleasing others… 

Wrong Answers…if the question is related to your success, your happiness, and your growth. 

It’s all counter intuitive, and it took me a very long time to embody this and believe this, and trust me, I have my days, 

Although when I look back and connect the dots to the wins, the ingredient is simple- Focused Inspiration, do what inspires and jives you. 

Talk soon,