Two things about thyroid function we often overlook

It’s true, thyroid, primarily hypothyroidism, is under-assessed, under-addressed, and leaves a lot of people feeling like crap, at risk for numerous states of disease- all the while they have been told their thyroid is fine.

We understand the issues of the lack, or under testing- as it seems par for the course is free T4 and TSH, which is not a plausible assessment when a patient has low thyroid symptoms.

Have you have had a patient who had their thyroid radiated, to the point it was not working? What was the thyroid dose they were prescribed?

If someone has no thyroid activity at all, the replacement dose of T4/T3, is 100 mcg and 30 mcg respectively, due to equivalent of healthy natural daily thyroid production.

So, does it make you wonder, why you have patients that still have thyroid activity, but are on dosages exceeding this?

The reasons can be many, from nutritional depletions, elevated antibodies, lack of conversion, heavy metals, food intolerances, adrenal dysfunction,...

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