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Learn more on:

    • What you need to now about your hormones
    • Why you feel bad even though your doctor says your thyroid is normal 
    • How to clear confusion about vaccination and protect you and your families health
    • How and why you should combat silent killer - STRESS
    • Why  Alzheimer Disease is escalating, and what you can do about it, 
    • ... And alternatives  and complements to over a dozen  other "modern day disease" that are destroying your health and stealing your wealth

 How I Can Help You Grow... Individual Consults, Training/Coaching/Mentoring, Community, Certifying...
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Individual Consult

For an "outside the pillbox" consulting on all areas of your practice, working one-on-one, while I help you implement, tweak, brainstorm and grow your business in less time, avoiding the pitfalls, while capitalizing on my experience over the past 25 plus years. Consults are $325 per hour and can be applied to Beyond The Labs within 30 days.

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Beyond The Labs 

Welcome to Beyond The Labs Clinical & Lifestyle Training,  Coaching & Mentoring Program.

Functional Pharmacy's Flagship Product- Beyond The Labs provides , CORE training, GROWTH training, COMMUNITY, COACHING, and MENTORSHIP.

This is the Ultimate Lifestyle & Functional Training Professionally & Personally.

CORE Module gives you lifetime access, as you GROW with us and COMMUNITY.


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Through our Beyond The Labs Core Training and Growth Cohort and Community,   we offer certification of the highest standards.

Completion and test out of Beyond The Labs affords you 3C Certification of Functional Clinician-Coach- Consultant .

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Client's Testimonials

Kay Corpus M.D.


"Rob has been invaluable to my practice. The nuances that he addresses, from medication management to supplement dosages, in relation to lab values and lifestyle has made a tremendous impact to the outcomes of my patients. I believe every medical practice could use the assistance of a functional pharmacist, especially one that is trained through Rob’s program."

Johann Beukes, Pharmacist


"I encountered Rob in a CE that he presented, and the information was so transformational that I made the effort to seek him out on social media to see if he had a mentorship program. I immediately signed up without hesitation. Under his mentorship the journey of the next ten years was condensed into 3 months! He provided so much clarity as to where I was going and what my niche and next steps should be. I am forever grateful for his commitment to me, his mentee and his guidance on this journey."


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May 15, 2024

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