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Revolution of Pharmacy: The Rise of Holistic Medicine with Dr. Rob Kress

In this episode, we host Dr. Rob Kress, hailed as the godfather of functional pharmacy.

We delve into the rising trend of holistic approaches in healthcare, where professionals go beyond traditional medication dispensing in favor of patient-centered practices that consider the full spectrum of an individual's health. We also discuss how leaders in the community are shaping the future of the profession through the inclusion of functional pharmacy, thereby transforming the way we approach individual health.

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Pharmacist Turned Director & Entrepreneur - How Embracing Functional Medicine Led to $$

Medical businesses have been lacking quality strategies to compete in today's challenging landscape. On this podcast, we will uncover the best strategies to grow your business, discuss the tools and resources to maximize your opportunities, and talk about how to execute & scale.

This podcast will be FOR MEDICAL businesses but will incorporate experts in many fields to share their skillsets that will benefit you.

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