CBD Wakes Up Sleepy Sleep Supplement Sales

cbd cbdforsleep insomnia sleep Aug 27, 2019

Approximately 1/3 of Adults in the US do not get adequate sleep each night- the plaque of ‘short-sleepers’ can lead to metabolic conditions, inflammation, spiked cortisol and much more.

Reasons for not sleeping can be elevated cortisol at night time due to an imbalanced stress-repair ratio, or along the same lines, that dreaded monkey mind that seems difficult to shut down around 2-4 in the morning.

Many supplements have been touted over the years, inhibitory neurotransmitters to calm down the mind, nervines and relaxants, and many to great avail, many to temporary fixes, others leaving people dragging their feet day in and day out.

Now it looks like the massive influx of hemp-based products, touting the benefits of CBD have something to say about it…as Hemp CBD supplements have spiked sleep supplement sales by 12% in 2018, and the numbers are expected to keep climbing.

As a practitioner, I have seen very good results, across the board, regardless of why the...

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