I wrote this for me...but you can read it too. 28 Years Ago Yesterday, I shunned conformity

Aug 02, 2023


I wrote this for me, but you can read it too

28 Years Ago, Yesterday, I (mostly) shunned conformity

August 1 might not mean much to you, although to me it is an engrained mile post around the sun each year…burned in like branding of cattle…it reminds me of qualities of who I am, and the path that I am on- and when I took my leap

August 1, 1995- one day after I shared tears with my family, saying goodbye, I am going west, and I don’t know for how long.

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia… I am coming off two awesome shows with you in High Gate Vermont (understandably, you sounded weak, we all could hear it)- and the Cap Center (I liked RFK better ofc, being my first dead show 6 years earlier)

The mid 90’s we’re an amazing time…and like political parties in power- culture and music tends to oscillate from times of fluff (the 80’s), to times of giddiness and teeth- we were in the giddiness and teeth phase. From grunge (flannel will always have it’s place, although cargo shorts are gone forever ) to Chris McCandless shunning his demons from the desert to the tundra, to losing some amazing musicians- For us East Coasters being ever so intrigued with the West.

From the cities to the mountains…to the spans of open ocean highway that only Kerouac could viscerally describe some 40 years earlier…and we were finally getting it.

I was always a “fuck it” kind of guy, in my own silent, not to offend kind of way (mama raised me right)

When I was 18 I registered as a libertarian, Irv Homer (look him up) was my first role model of thought and reason…I already did not trust government, Bob Marley was my favorite musician (I am one who has always recognized oppression to the global race), Reagan was bucking the not yet known about deep state, although he was a total buffoon and jack ass for allowing aspartame (intentionally- he knew what the hell he was doing)- into our food system.

I digress…

As many of you know, I went to pharmacy school for job security and the ability to travel and get a decent job with pay…which I took full advantage of.

And now… being a conventional pharmacist is a thing of my past.

I had one foot in, and one foot out of the conformity until COVID- and when my job teetered on a jab, it was not difficult for me to tell them where they could stick their needle.

I am a contrarian at heart, yes…it’s a thing…I will look to buck a trend just because it seems popular…I could not stand Obama because so many loved him…then I read his books (which I am willing to bet most Obama supporters never did)- and it confirmed my vibes-  needless to say- Keep your eyes on his chef in Martha’s Vinyard and Epstein Island.

I feel the same way about the pope- when I was in Italy, he was the reason I would not visit the Vatican.

If I lost you after this part as a reader- well, probably the best for both of us.

8/1/1995- Nissan pathfinder and trailer in tow, chocolate lab in the back seat, a surprise good bye from my former 1974 microbus, outfitted with teak floors (by the grandson of the creator of the Hubble telescope- I know, weird shit, right? that front of bus smile…I was on my way.

Send me on my way (90’s rusted root play on words there)

Incidentally, 8 days later, 8/9- Jerry Died…

“I know you rider; you’re going to miss me when I’m gone”

We are built for adventure…and I have been told I can be happy flying by the seat of my pants- which I understand, for many is unnerving – although I still have a healthy head of hair, so that must speak for something.

We are meant to continuously create… to continually have new desires…

And I grasped the hell out of that notion.

After 3 months on the road, camping through the West…culture in and culture out…rinse and repeat, I found myself in Jackson Hole Wy as the manager of Albertsons Pharmacy.

Work was my way and my means to living in Gods playground…which I know, I could have enjoyed it just the same, and even more without that job,

I almost forgot- this kind of felt like a lay over to life- as in ’95 I made a pact to my self that I would be out of pharmacy by 2000…I broke that pact.

And along the way, I bucked the trends…I challenged the status quo- I pissed my mangers off just a enough- but not enough to say anything due to my consistently rising numbers and sales.

Fast forward to the NOW- 2023

I’m in my backyard in Newburgh Indiana. Indiana? How the hell did I end up living in Indiana.

Like I tell people, why do we move anywhere? It’s either a job, a girl, or the car broke down. I already told you I gave up the conventional work force, and my car is running great.

I’m freaking happy and grateful where I am…

On the leading edge of new medicine, good medicine, revival of old medicine

Coffee mug in hand that says, “what a long, strange trip it’s been”- Jerry Garcia

It’s only strange to those afraid to non-conform…otherwise it’s a big ol’ ball of bliss and wonderment sprinkled with a topping of “holy shits” along the way.

The other night I shared with someone…how grateful I am to be where I am, Grateful Alive…for the people I am communing with, the work that I am doing, the purpose I am fulfilling, and the new terrain I am continually adventuring.

Thank you, Jerry, I would not have it any other way

For those of you who want to shun the conventional…you have my permission, let’s go!