Inhibition of K2 by Drugs and Vegetable Oils The Real Reason Behind Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease?

As pharmacists we have seen a dramatic increase in statin drugs over the years, as well as dramatic increases in diabetes, weight gain, muscle aches and pains, along with depletion of Coq10 and now vitamin K2.

Research has shown that vegetable oils also inhibit natural production of K2, and knowing how prevelant they are in the standard american diet, our nation is set up for even greater k2 depletion.

Vitamin K2 activates proteins that are made in different organs in the body—clotting factors in the liver, osteocalcin in bones and Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) in the vasculature. These proteins help coagulate blood, bind calcium to the surface of bones and keep calcium from depositing in the arteries and soft tissues.

K2 has shown profound benefits for metabolic, cardiovascular and bone health. One study shown how it reversed the calcification of arterial plaques in postmenopausal females, while popular “heart healthy” drugs such as the cholesterol lowering statins...

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The most important ingredient to becoming the 'obvious expert'

Some of you are the obvious expert, and some of you want to and should be the obvious expert in your market...and when you are, it makes all the difference.

Last week I shared with you my ‘business mantra’ I like to remind myself of to ensure healthy business growth.

Let’s refresh, and in all honesty, I left one out, specific knowledge, which I want to share with you today.

Business is a game of who communicates best, solves problems, adds value, maintains specific knowledge, and acts now, wins!

It literally is that simple.

If you break your business down to these 5 components…you cannot go wrong.

Last week I covered two areas; problem solving and adding value. The problem solver is a no-brainer, it’s something that we have been trained very well on as pharmacists. Problem solving is the most basic thing you can do to de-commoditize yourself in your practice.

But we can do more, right?

Then I talked about continuously adding value, this is what turns a...

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How to grow your practice like the Japanese Automotive Industry

Do you remember a few decades ago, maybe less, when there was a prevailing belief that Japanese cars were much more reliable than American automobiles?

Actually, it was not as much of a belief as it was a fact, and Japanese vehicles continually shown to get more miles in their lifetime, with less needs for repair.

This was an interesting turn of events, especially since it was American automakers that spurred the industrial revolution.

Fortunately, not only has U.S. car makers turned things around, it seems the auto-industry at large has. It’s an interesting story on how it got this way…and something that can do great things for your practice.

And to be honest, I have been a loyal Nissan driver since switching from VW in the early ‘90’s.

Have you heard the story of how Japan become a world leader in manufacturing, and gained such a reputation for quality? It’s quite interesting.

In 1950, General MacArthur was frustrated with the war-ravaged Japanese...

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Inositol and ovarian function

You have probably heard of the benefits of inositol for mood related disorders; from depression, to OCD, and more.

But did you know that inositol can be very effective for ovarian health?

This can be an important consideration in working with a patient…here’s why.

I recently had a patient, whom we were using inositol as part of a womens ovarian health protocol, take the inositol as recommended at 1 scoop twice daily. Inositol has shown to promote healthy ovarian function, has been used in issues of trouble conceiving, maintains healthy LH, FSH, androgen and insulin levels.

The patient is a peri-menopausal, still regular menses, as many do have been noticing irregular flow of menses from time to time over last year or so…but this cycle through her for a loop. After looking at all lifestyle issues, hormonal usage, stress, thyroid, etc. her lengthy, and very active menses and flow we surmised to be due to the inositol.

Just a tid bit of information, if you find...

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