Functional Pharmacy Five 9/22/19


Welcome to this weeks Functional Pharmacy Five, where I share with you some tasty tid-bits in about 5 minutes.

I kind of go of course from Pharmacy, though not Functional Pharmacy, and share with you a critical element to health and wellness, and a personal story I experienced this weekend at Yoga Teacher Training which was beyond moving.

I hope you enjoy it, and have a great week!

And, if you have not signed up for the Level I functional Pharmacy certification I speak out, here's there deets

Be Well * Have Fun * Do Good


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Transforming Health Care

That's a pretty heavy title, right?

Curious on your you feel its possible, do you think health care needs to be transformed?

And I'm not talking about how expensive it is, whose going to pay for it, and all of that stuff...I'm talking about how people are not living longer and living better for the most part- people continually become enslaved by 'modern day diseases' that were not even an issue 10, 50, or even nearly as big of a deal, 25 years ago.

People are lining up like cattle to accept a 'standard of care' model that is not for the individual, but more of a numbers game, playing the cards as they have fallen.

I just got done reading (actually listening to) Visionary Business, by Marc Allen. I read it at the same time as a colleague and fellow compatriot in the desire to transform what we know as health care.

After looking back on the book, one of the foundational elements to bestow to your practice, to your business was summed up in the epilogue, which I believe...

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Private Labeling in the eyes of the Big Box Retailers… (And Why I Still Don’t Think It’s Best For Your Practice)

The lure of private labeling…to some it’s a necessity, while to others its just ‘feel good promoting’ nothing more than seeing ones face on a billboard- wasted promotional dollars driven by ones ego.

I have been asked many times what I think about private labeling, as many quality nutritional companies we all deal with offer it to lock in our loyalty.

I have been asked my opinion on private labeling for independent pharmacy practices over the years, and more times than not, my answer is…it’s not necessary, ads to tie up of inventory and extra expenses, and sometimes might even be a sales deterrent.

Time and time again I have seen partnering with the right nutritional company be part of the ‘secret sauce’ as I find great benefit when a pharmacy practice congruently links with the values of a high grade nutritional company and benefits off of their million dollar branding and positioning- something that most independent practices...

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