Kroeger Going Green…Going Big

Where this is “supermarket talk” its very relevant to our practices, because it represents what the consumer market wants.

What is often a benefit of a smaller business like an independent pharmacy, or even a small chain, is that they can change quickly to market demands.

This often leads the 2-ton gorillas in the market to do in depth assessments, and “wait and see” if is worth their while to step into a process which would literally alter their branding, identity and sometimes entire business structure.

Whole Foods was one of those 2-ton gorillas, and after many years of running much higher profits while a small percentage of total sales that Kroeger was posting, Kroeger realized the market wants clean whole foods, but at a greater value and price.

Over the past few years, since Kroeger decided to throw their hat in the ring, actually recreate the ring, and now sells over 11 billion dollars in natural foods, being led by the most successful private line of...

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The Factor That Takes “Problem Solving” To The Next Level

I remember years ago when I went for primary training at PCCA, one of the messages that I walked away with was that as compounders, we are problem solvers.

And this is so true…to this day problem solving is part of my business mantra…

“Business is a game of who communicates best, solves problems, continually adds value, and acts now…Wins!”

As you see, I have 4 keys to this mantra, and as they are all equally important, I would like to highlight one in particular that takes problem solving to the next level- continuously Adding value.

Think about it- where solving a major problem for someone is an amazing thing, it can be a one hit wonder for them, just a one-time shopping experience.

But continually adding value you are creating a customer, and business for life.

Continually adding value keeps people coming back for more. Only focusing on solving problems, you may be a hero today, but gone tomorrow.

And let’s be honest. Allopathic drugs are a...

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Sometimes you learn amazing things…at bars

I learned a couple of lessons about marketing and business building at a tiki bar on Sunday. It’s things most of us already know, but those things that are so easy to overlook, but quite impactful to your business.

Long story short, a friend of ours, Kevin Henry, was doing his 10,000’th live show at the new hotel and bar in town. It’s a great place, right on the St Joseph harbor, just down from the lake.

Kevin will tell you he has not had a real job since sometime in the 80’s and makes his living playing Jimmy Buffet and other singer songwriter tunes that help people ‘escape’, all throughout the year here in W Michigan. Kevin is literally the best drink salesman I know, without ever suggesting someone should buy a drink- that’s salesmanship!

This brings in lesson #1

Provide the atmosphere congruent to automate sales of what you sell

This is how we designed our pharmacy. We knew we were going to be the natural pharmacy and compounding center,...

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