Who is the Core Supplement User (CSU) ?

In an effort to help their audience in the increasing challenging nutritional industry, Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) set out to define who the Core Supplement User is- what values and beliefs drive them.

NBJ started out by conducting interviews with industry insiders, such as executives at nutritional companies and natural health retailers.

From this information they developed a screening criteria to find a representative group of CSU’s. They then provided in depth interviews with CSU representative group to discover what makes them tick- the values, beliefs, and motivations that drive behavior on purchasing supplements as well as health and wellness services.

Who The Core Supplement User Really Is

The Core Supplement User has a strong commitment to using supplements, with 3 main benefits they look to derive from supplements.

  • 1.Prevention of disease
  • 2.Nutritional Enhancement (plugging the holes that diet wont fill and enhancing an already good diet)
  • 3.Avoidance of prescription...
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