The Power of Community- Lone Wolf No More

Dec 24, 2023

For much of my life I have lived by the motto,

“When the crowd is running one way, run the other.”

There have been different interplays of this saying by people such as Earl Nightingale, the positive mindset personal success teacher, as well as one of my favorite poets and writes, often delving into the ugliness of reality from politics to culture to economics to addiction, Charles Bukowski.

If two men, with completely different personas and messages can come to the same conclusion, surely there must be something to be looked at here.

At times I have been called a contrarian, although I feel I have been tapped into some thread of human nature, where there are clues of what to look out for, as well as look forward to up ahead in the distance.

I never want to be a lemming… kerplunk!

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I never really saw myself as part of any pharmacist group either. As far as connection with co-workers, the closest relationships I had is when I lived out in Jackson Hole, and our common bond was not so much pharmacy, but snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and the medicine of nature- although we thought we were just in the power of play.

In fact, I ran on that lone wolf motif for a long time, always thinking if I ever ended up alone in this life, then I would grab my dog, buy some vehicle that really meant something to me, maybe a classic defender or something, and head out west and beyond- the adventures of a guy and his dog. (thus the pic for this post)

When I met Kay, she was running yoga teacher training in addition to her medical practice, so, I figured, why not, go through yoga teacher training and become certified. On the first night, everyone is sitting in a circle, and she posed a question to the point of, what do you look to get out of this.

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I don’t remember my answer, or if I even had one, but she did. Community and connection! Preposterous I thought- I am a lone wolf, I always have been- from high school to pharmacy school to music (I was a dead head non dead head), to politics, to career and even personal relationships. I was not a loner per say, although I never committed to one community- I was always dipping in and dipping out.

Until now…

And yes, I am talking about Beyond The Labs.

I was hesitant to put the community mix into the program, “what if no one posts or replies”, “what if I can’t think of good content to keep plugging in,” “What if I don’t stay consistent” …all the things.

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And I don’t think I was wrong living my life one foot in and one foot out, and I do believe there is purpose and medicine in individuality, although, what I found was my community of like- minded pharmacists, who think outside the box, they go beyond in practice, profession and personal- from all different backgrounds and ways of life!

And you know what?

I am willing to bet that you will find the same with this group.

You know how you go to a seminar, and then come Monday you feel all alone.

You are never alone with us here at Beyond The Labs

Their support, shared stories, motivation, successes, and losses shared in a container with a common purpose and goal of growth and healing- You can’t go wrong.

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Talk soon