We Need More Outlaws

May 15, 2024

I had the pleasure of speaking to both a rancher and a farmer about a week ago, and where the topic was mostly or supposed to be centered on health and functional medicine, I realized how parallel both of our industries are…and for that fact, most major industries.

He was telling me about the ranching and farming industry and how the large of the industry was run by a few major corporations… sound familiar?

And how there were middlemen between these large corporations and the “independent” farmers and ranchers, who for the most part controlled the processing of the cattle, pricing as well as quality…sound familiar?

And how a handful of independent ranchers and farmers came together, in a true showing of independence, pooled their money and created their own processing plant so they can sell direct to the large grocers, cutting out the middlemen and providing much higher quality and better taste.

Basically, they are changing the structure of the industry … these are the true outlaws.

I believe that we need more of this in our country, in our world.

In pharmacy and medicine at large, we have mostly been quiet, subservient, and have taken the bones that the industry has thrown at us.

This started way long ago, back in the early 1900’s with the Flexner Report which decided what medical schools would receive funding and what ones would not…

But I digress.

At the beginning of the year I wrote my year ahead report and I talked about dilution of functional medicine, in the effort to become integrated with the allopathic system.

My take has always been, we can recognize and utilize allopathic medicine with functional and lifestyle medicine…although I believe the systems are different, and we have to stop trying to mold into this system that was created for the good of only a few.

This is why I believe we need more outlaws, or should I say, outliers… those of us who can think inside AND outside of the box, for the good of our independence, our sovereignty and ultimately the good of the health of our culture and society.

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This is not a revolt, this is not lines in the sand, this is simply as Jimmy Buffett once wrote, we’re not stealing, we’re just taking back.

Back to the DNA and roots of what medicine once was…leading with integrity, open-mindedness, true science, and a whole lot of fun.

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