We Can't Help You, We Can Only Lead You

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Stay tuned, hot off the presses is my Functional Medicine & Functional Pharmacy State of the Industry Report 2024

Insights, Musings, Predictions & Possibilities to Find Your Joy in Functional Pharmacy

…I will be releasing it in the next coming days.

And for right now, of equal importance, I wanted to share one of the biggest secrets, that really is not a secret to your success in functional medicine.

You must decide if you want it, and you need to find the space that will allow you to flourish.

There is no program, no method, no course, and no certification that will lead you to success. Success is through leadership, and the definition of leadership is holding space for others.

Holding space for others to grow, to be challenged, to learn, to ask questions, to mess up, to royally mess up, to try again, to keep growing and succeeding.

You might hear me talk about how there is a lack of implementation being taught, and honestly, it’s a lack of leadership.

And that’s what we do here at Beyond The Labs- and we also hold space for you to lead as well- that’s part of your growth and our growth as well.

I heard from an old friend today on Instagram. Here shared with me his challenges in moving forward in functional medicine, and he diagnosed his own problem. Sure, life gets busy, sure we get demands put upon us, and ultimately, it falls on us to decide what we want and to do it.

I get it, it can be hard, and here is what I learned about things that are either hard, or we just don’t move forward on.

If it is difficult, it is highlighting something in us that we need to address, something in our shadow. Chances are if it shows up in one part of our life, it shows up in others. And…if we can face this challenge and overcome it- that’s the gift! That’s the medicine! That’s when we summit that mountain that has been in our way. Decision.

Or…maybe you are not meant for what you have been unsuccessfully trying for. Maybe my friend is not meant for pharmacy, it makes him miserable- I have never sensed joy there. And, maybe functional medicine is not your gig either. Hard truth’s sometimes.

But only you know the truth here. That’s where you help yourself, and then you can come to us to find that space where we will hold your greatness.

I see it every day, the members in BTL’s are lighting things up, moving forward, and supporting each other- they have decided, they are doing, and we are holding the space for them.

Cheers and Happy Wednesday!