Should Probiotics Be Added To Your Counseling in PCOS

Actually, if they have not already, yes, they probably should, but here is some new information, WHY!

Chances are you have patients who are sufferieng from PCOS- although as there are not many pharmaceutical treatment options, you might not know it. It's often symptomatic treatments, along with treating the ancillary side-effects which as pharmacists we might not know they are related to PCOS, such as metformin for insulin resistance.

PCOS can lead to irregular menses, negatively influence a womens ability to have children, and typically represents with high levels of androgens (male hormones) such as DHEA and testosterone, as well as small cysts in the ovaries. PCOS has also been associated insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Researchers out of San Diego University are finding that gut bacteria are strongly associated with obesity and signs of diabetes in a mouse model that mimics PCOS that modifying the gut bacteria could be a treatment option for some of the symptoms...

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Media Personalities Will Bring Transparency (and sales) to Your Door

It's different now isn't it? It's different from when Dr. Oz would say, "take this supplement and get skinny"

It seems the message is bigger- people are looking for more.

I have been writing about transparency in our profession a lot lately, because this is a core desire of the consumer in all industries- and healthcare is a big one.

Where we have known the difference in quality of vitamins and supplements for years- there are still many practitioners and patients alike who practice and buy on price.

I don’t suggest you try to convince the inconvincible, as I like to say “know your audience”, but as a pharmacist looking to practice quality medicine, I recommend only to practice with quality supplements.

The motto of “you get what you pay for” is as pertinent to the supplement industry as any other.

It seems that popular health care gurus ebb and flow like the tide- although when they are hot, their messages become viral through the masses, and they...

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15 Phrases That Very Successful People Never Use

I understand, sometimes it seems that our profession is an uphill climb of reduced reimbursements, increased regulations, and the expenses of compliancy. This often leads to the snowballing effect of negative thought and speak- blaming, complaining and justifying.

We have heard it before, we know it makes a difference, although often times we fall victim to negative self talk, even if we might not find it to be negative.

Sure we have our bouts, complaining about The PBM’s, and sometimes we have bad days- although there is power in our subconscious, and our underlying, often unconscious beliefs- and there is a saying "fake it till you make it"- which bascially means that we can influence our inner world, with outter world thoughts and actions.

Take some time to pay attention to words and sayings that you say- often repeat, and try omitting These 15 Other Phrases of Professional Suicide.

Science has proven, and the world’s top performing CEO’s understand that this...

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Private Labeling in the eyes of the Big Box Retailers… (And Why I Still Don’t Think It’s Best For Your Practice)

The lure of private labeling…to some it’s a necessity, while to others its just ‘feel good promoting’ nothing more than seeing ones face on a billboard- wasted promotional dollars driven by ones ego.

I have been asked many times what I think about private labeling, as many quality nutritional companies we all deal with offer it to lock in our loyalty.

I have been asked my opinion on private labeling for independent pharmacy practices over the years, and more times than not, my answer is…it’s not necessary, ads to tie up of inventory and extra expenses, and sometimes might even be a sales deterrent.

Time and time again I have seen partnering with the right nutritional company be part of the ‘secret sauce’ as I find great benefit when a pharmacy practice congruently links with the values of a high grade nutritional company and benefits off of their million dollar branding and positioning- something that most independent practices...

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Who is the Core Supplement User (CSU) ?

In an effort to help their audience in the increasing challenging nutritional industry, Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) set out to define who the Core Supplement User is- what values and beliefs drive them.

NBJ started out by conducting interviews with industry insiders, such as executives at nutritional companies and natural health retailers.

From this information they developed a screening criteria to find a representative group of CSU’s. They then provided in depth interviews with CSU representative group to discover what makes them tick- the values, beliefs, and motivations that drive behavior on purchasing supplements as well as health and wellness services.

Who The Core Supplement User Really Is

The Core Supplement User has a strong commitment to using supplements, with 3 main benefits they look to derive from supplements.

  • 1.Prevention of disease
  • 2.Nutritional Enhancement (plugging the holes that diet wont fill and enhancing an already good diet)
  • 3.Avoidance of prescription...
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