Media Personalities Will Bring Transparency (and sales) to Your Door

compounding pharmacy functional medicine marketing functional pharmacy marketing nutritional pharmacy pharmacy pharmacy marketing Mar 14, 2016

It's different now isn't it? It's different from when Dr. Oz would say, "take this supplement and get skinny"

It seems the message is bigger- people are looking for more.

I have been writing about transparency in our profession a lot lately, because this is a core desire of the consumer in all industries- and healthcare is a big one.

Where we have known the difference in quality of vitamins and supplements for years- there are still many practitioners and patients alike who practice and buy on price.

I don’t suggest you try to convince the inconvincible, as I like to say “know your audience”, but as a pharmacist looking to practice quality medicine, I recommend only to practice with quality supplements.

The motto of “you get what you pay for” is as pertinent to the supplement industry as any other.

It seems that popular health care gurus ebb and flow like the tide- although when they are hot, their messages become viral through the masses, and they eventually show up at our pharmacy counters asking for more information.

One of the latest popular personalities is Dr. Axe, and you might have heard some chatter on one of his latest blog posts, Centrum Vitamins Contain GMO, Food Dyes, and Toxic Chemicals.

This actually got so much attention that ConsumerLab wrote an article on it, as they have been fielding more and more questions on the topic from consumers and practitioners alike.

I wrote I last week’s newsletter how major retailers are responding to the public looking for alternatives to the low quality, low price generic vitamins which have been filling their shelves for years. They are looking for options of private labeling, to provide a look that is more appealing as well as higher quality ingredients which they can verify the source.

(…Basically, what you and I have all been doing for years in promoting only high quality supplements.)

IF you want natural medicine to play a major role in your practice and continually grow its profit potential, quality nutrition MUST be part of your program.

Consumers know it, consumers want it, and it is the past, and the future of medicine.

The Art & the Science is emerging again, you will find the biggest growth and sustainable opportunity if you practice the Best of Age Old Wisdom and Modern Day Discoveries.