Is the Magnesium Your Selling To Your Customers Contaminated With Arsenic?

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Magnesium is one of my best sellers, it always has been. I find it easy to sell, because of the benefits it provides to a wide array of health issues AND I truly believe in the value it can provide. It’s one of those TINY TWEAKS that can make a BIG IMPACT.

The other day a customer was asking for some recommendations on stress. She showed me all the supplements she was taking via pictures on her iPhone.

All but one was from me, and it was a liquid magnesium called Natural Vitality Natural Calm. I have seen this product before as it seems to be a ‘hot seller’ at the local herb store.

I never took the time to look into it, although it seemed to be one of those products created from a marketing company who sells nutritional supplements, opposed to a quality nutritional company who markets their products through truth, transparency, and science.

Here’s the link to their website.

First, let’s have a little course in marketing, because they do it well to promote the product.

If you have read my report on Simple Key’s to Sell More Supplements and Maximize Profits the Easiest Way Possible, it piggy backs on my first key- public awareness of the ingredient.

Magnesium is one of those supplements that you don’t have to convince someone of, they are already aware, they have heard about the benefits in many places online and in magazines. You just have to show them why yours is BEST…with truth and integrity.

But then when you look at the packaging, they address some core benefits/issues people are dealing with- STRESS!

On their label it says Relaxing Magnesium Supplement…The Anti-Stress Drink.

That is pretty brilliant, and I guarantee written by a marketer- not a scientist in a lab coat.

Then it goes on to amp things up a bit, by hitting growing consumer wants and trends by saying Vegan/Verified Non-GMO.

Non-GMO is Good, but Pro Arsenic is Bad

Another key I touch upon in my report is to utilize a company that leads with Quality, Transparency, and Innovation- which this company is not, although their marketing team might tell you different. is a smart phone app and website that tests supplements on value and quality.

This is a company that will succeed based off of the growing consumers desire and want for more transparency and ability to research and make their own decisions- which in the field of deceptive marketing and low quality supplements, is very much needed.

Here is the report on this product, you might have to sign up for free to read it.

Basically they were graded a D, with negatives around Label Accuracy, Product Purity, and Ingredient Safety.

The product report said “concerning levels of total arsenic.”

…and when I did a little further digging to my dismay I found many popular brands such as the ones you find in the big box chains, popular mail order lines, national chain retailers you often find in malls, and even companies that promote themselves as practitioner and higher grade companies to receive the same D grade, due to “concerning levels of total arsenic.”

Here are some results

A Graded Supplements 

  • Metagenics Mag Glycinate

  • Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate

  • Life Extension Magnesium Caps

Surprings B's

  • Thorne (a favorite company of mine, although contained less than product label said)

  • Mega Food (B-) This is a company that leads with transparency in the whole food market, thus I was surprised at only a B-. This company was recently purchased by Pharmavite, the makers of Nature Made which you will see scores very low.


  • NOW Foods Magnesium was a C-

  • Cardiovascular Research- C- this line is often sold through practitioner based wholesalers


  • Natures Way, TwinLab, Carlson, Jarrow  and Solgar (promoted as high quality through practioner wholesalers and "specialty retailers."

  • GNC...they have had their series of problems in the past year

  • Swanson- purveyors of super cheap supplements that many of your customers are ordering

  • Nature Made- the common label found in big box retailers

  • and others that often find themselves on the shelves of independent pharmacies, such as Sundown and Natures Bounty

This is a perfect example of the foundation of quality nutrition, not adding insult to injury, and the fact that nutrition is real science and can make great impacts on people’s health- if we lead with quality, transparency, science and education.