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Inositol and ovarian function

compounding pharmacy inositol inositol mood inositol ovarian function pharmacy marketing pharmacy nutrition May 26, 2016

You have probably heard of the benefits of inositol for mood related disorders; from depression, to OCD, and more.

But did you know that inositol can be very effective for ovarian health?

This can be an important consideration in working with a patient…here’s why.

I recently had a patient, whom we were using inositol as part of a womens ovarian health protocol, take the inositol as recommended at 1 scoop twice daily. Inositol has shown to promote healthy ovarian function, has been used in issues of trouble conceiving, maintains healthy LH, FSH, androgen and insulin levels.

The patient is a peri-menopausal, still regular menses, as many do have been noticing irregular flow of menses from time to time over last year or so…but this cycle through her for a loop. After looking at all lifestyle issues, hormonal usage, stress, thyroid, etc. her lengthy, and very active menses and flow we surmised to be due to the inositol.

Just a tid bit of information, if you find yourself using inositol to a female with fluctuating, variable or challenging hormonal cycles.