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The Factor That Takes “Problem Solving” To The Next Level

pharmacy pharmacy compounding pharmacy entrepeneur pharmacy marketing pharmacy wellness Jun 22, 2016

I remember years ago when I went for primary training at PCCA, one of the messages that I walked away with was that as compounders, we are problem solvers.

And this is so true…to this day problem solving is part of my business mantra…

“Business is a game of who communicates best, solves problems, continually adds value, and acts now…Wins!”

As you see, I have 4 keys to this mantra, and as they are all equally important, I would like to highlight one in particular that takes problem solving to the next level- continuously Adding value.

Think about it- where solving a major problem for someone is an amazing thing, it can be a one hit wonder for them, just a one-time shopping experience.

But continually adding value you are creating a customer, and business for life.

Continually adding value keeps people coming back for more. Only focusing on solving problems, you may be a hero today, but gone tomorrow.

And let’s be honest. Allopathic drugs are a commodity, your customers can get them anyway…and in some markets it’s the same with compounds.

And I don’t care how friendly you are, I am sure you have experienced a customer going to the competitor because they are in their “preferred” network.

Your customers might not be saying this with their words, because they are nice people too, but their behaviors are screaming “what’s in it for me?”

Think about all the ways that could sway their behaviors and buying choices:

·       Price

·       Location

·       Hours

·       Competition with guerilla marketing strategy

·       Convenience of technology

·       Where their peers, family, and friends go

And thing of all the ways you can add value….

·       Empower them through education

·       Offer them a wide array of products and services

·       Make them feel better

·       Make their life easier

·       Save them time

·       Your own guerilla marketing strategy

Let me share with you a recent example, which might extend beyond what one might consider conventional pharmacy.

Last week I did a wellness workshop on memory and Alzheimer’s Disease. As you can imagine, it was a sellout. This is a hot topic, where pharmaceuticals have for the most part failed, and people are looking for solutions, and the best strategies of prevention.

Two customers in particular came to visit me at the pharmacy I work at a couple days a week- and I have known these two since I opened my pharmacy in 2004, which I then sold in 2008.

Even after I went out of the public eye for a few years, they found me again J

Here’s the take home…

Some people will come to your presentations to listen and learn- but not necessarily take action.

These are the folks who can be hijacked by the competition or the next greatest shiny object that they feel offers more value, albeit for the short term.

But those who TAKE ACTION on your teachings, they have skin in the game- they find value in you and their total customer value for you, goes through the roof.

This couple explained to me that Barbara was recently put on Namenda, and after doing their own research online (as everyone does now) they wanted to do all they could to retain and improve their memory.

And this included a meditation I taught everyone at the class, called the Kirtan Kriya from The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation.

…and they started doing it- that’s taking action…in addition to their $350 of supplement sales that day.

What I want you to take from this is that it goes beyond the Know, Like and Trust mantra…

Think all the different ways thorough products, services and actions you and your staff can begin adding more value to your client base today.