15 Phrases That Very Successful People Never Use

compounding pharmacy functional medicine marketing functional pharmacy marketing nutritional pharmacy pharmacy pharmacy marketing Mar 07, 2016

I understand, sometimes it seems that our profession is an uphill climb of reduced reimbursements, increased regulations, and the expenses of compliancy. This often leads to the snowballing effect of negative thought and speak- blaming, complaining and justifying.

We have heard it before, we know it makes a difference, although often times we fall victim to negative self talk, even if we might not find it to be negative.

Sure we have our bouts, complaining about The PBM’s, and sometimes we have bad days- although there is power in our subconscious, and our underlying, often unconscious beliefs- and there is a saying "fake it till you make it"- which bascially means that we can influence our inner world, with outter world thoughts and actions.

Take some time to pay attention to words and sayings that you say- often repeat, and try omitting These 15 Other Phrases of Professional Suicide.

Science has proven, and the world’s top performing CEO’s understand that this type behavior will do nothing but stunt the growth, or be a killer to your business and career.

Here are 15 phrases that the world’s most successful people will not think or say.

Are any of these familiar to you? Time to grade yourself.

1. "We can't do that."

2. "I don't know how."

3. "I don't know what that is."

4. "I did everything on my own."

5. "That's too early."

6. "That's too late."

7. "It's too bad we couldn't work together."

8. "Let's catch up sometime."

9. "I'm sorry, I'm too busy."

10. "That was all my idea."

11. "I never read books."

12. "I'm not good enough."

13. "It's OK." (over and over)

14. "If our competitors don't have it, then we don't need it."

15. "Time off is for suckers."

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