Transforming Health Care

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That's a pretty heavy title, right?

Curious on your you feel its possible, do you think health care needs to be transformed?

And I'm not talking about how expensive it is, whose going to pay for it, and all of that stuff...I'm talking about how people are not living longer and living better for the most part- people continually become enslaved by 'modern day diseases' that were not even an issue 10, 50, or even nearly as big of a deal, 25 years ago.

People are lining up like cattle to accept a 'standard of care' model that is not for the individual, but more of a numbers game, playing the cards as they have fallen.

I just got done reading (actually listening to) Visionary Business, by Marc Allen. I read it at the same time as a colleague and fellow compatriot in the desire to transform what we know as health care.

After looking back on the book, one of the foundational elements to bestow to your practice, to your business was summed up in the epilogue, which I believe was omitted in the original print edition...

"The ultimate purpose of a visionary business is to transform the world by doing what you love to do."

Thus she posed the question to me, "So transforming health care is possible?"

Once again, WOW! That's a heavy thought, and what does it really mean?

For instance, my answer is YES! Although I don't know to what degree.

We have made major strides over the last 20 years through functional medicine, and we have been seeing traditional practices of medicine and spirituality make their way into the mainstream, such as yoga, meditation, and so much more.

This is a big topic, thus I don't think we can come to a conclusion in just one blog post, so I imagine this will will turn into a series.

Here are a few questions, thoughts and points I brought up, that might help us distill down what is really possible.

If you find this topic of interest, take a look, give it some mental juice, and I would love to hear your thoughts as we step off on the bigger picture.

  • Does transforming health care mean changing outcomes, and what are the outcomes? Diseases being cured? People living longer? Less people falling victim to disease? A better sense of well-being? Adding life to ones years and years to ones life?
  • How to we gauge it with numbers? Let's face it, not everyone will be on board. It's like the saying goes, know your audience. There will always be that patient that wont change their diet, and will be satisfied with adding different drugs, shots, etc, to control their diabetes.
  • Does insurance coverage matter? We all know the problem of alternative and complementary therapies not being covered by insurance, and even where they show great promise and effectiveness, this often leaves the patient opting out due to the fact they are not covered, or they cannot afford such products and services.
  • Where does choice come in? How about this question? How many times have we seen a child not allowed to use CBD or medical marijuana by the courts for their seizures when effectiveness is there, and conventional therapy fails. Or maybe someone is forced into chemotherapy and radiation, when they would rather go an alternative route? Or...drum roll folks, the polarizing topic of the day...Vaccinations! The facts remain, lives have been damaged by vaccinations...not all, but it happens. We are seeing growing issues of families not being able to opt-out, and the call for mandatory vaccination are on the rise. Couple this with at times a questionable track record in effectiveness, or a questionable benefit-vs-risk...the ability of choice proves to be quite significant.

OK, I think that's good for today...I hope I laid out some questions for you to get those mental juices flowing, and don't get caught up in whether you agree with me or not...let's just take some time to ask, "Is transforming health care possible?" K?

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