Your Weekly Functional Pharmacy Dose - Be Gooey

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Feeling Gooey?

Last week I spoke about discipline, boundaries, and containers.

Did any of that hit home?

Did you engage into the examples which I shared with you, on how I process, plan, and engage into my week?

I have a word of caution for you- as I like to think I learn from my mistakes (although I am sure others would argue with me 

Be gooey! 


With boundaries, containers, and goals…we must move with a certain level of gooey. 

Because if there is one thing that has been made loud and clear the last few years, and even daily it seems- shit happens in life, and if we are too rigid, we will break. 

When the winds get turbulent, it's the willow that bends, and the oak that breaks

For me, when I first set my self up on the program I shared with you last week, I approached not meeting any of the goals as a failure, or coming toward the end of the week, if I fell behind, I would attempt to cram it all into just a few days- inevitably would either injure myself, take a few steps quicker to burnout, or do shoddy work just to get it done. 

You have to be gooey, create realistic expectations and plans, hold onto a reasonable expectation of discipline, engage when the inspiration hits, give your self a proper kick in the arse when it is needed…and if you fall behind, forgive yourself and be grateful for what you have done. 

Bonus Tip: Within the unexpected often comes opportunities, if your gooey enough to recognize it 

When the unplanned comes and shifts you off of your prescribed path, it’s so easy to fall back on your heals, perseverate on what went wrong, or put your head in the sand. 

If you find yourself in that situation, no matter how big or small it might seem, stop, be gooey, take a breath, step outside, then …take a view from above, look at yourself in a third person type of way, and ask,

What can be learned out of this situation?

What opportunities now exist?

If this sounds like a personal anecdote that happened to me, it is. And next week we will pick up here, and I will share with you a recent example that took me from frustration and overwhelm, to the open fields of creativity and passion.

Talk soon, 

Having an Amazing Week 

Hearts, Thoughts and Healthy Vibes