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The Weekly Dose of Fxn Rx - Discipline

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Dispensing Lifestyle & Functional Pharmacy Thoughts, Insights, Inspirations, Motivations & Maybe even some Agitations for Alchemizing a Rewarding,  Practice and Healthy Way of Life.

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It's so not a Sunday Funday type of word, or is it?

Yesterday I was at The Loft, my partner, Dr. Kay Corpus' Studio in Owensboro Kentucky for her new 4-week series focusing on foundational and sustainable movement practices. 

As I am both a certified Yoga and Movnat instructor, functional movement plays a big part in my life.

Although something hit me differently yesterday- the notion of discipline.

Let me explain. If you have every practiced yoga, such as vinyasa style, you move from pose to pose in a fluid sequence synchronized with the breath. (Think sun salutations.)

What often happens, is that students (and teachers) will blow through each move without truly focusing on proper alignment of their muscles, bones, and joints. The speed hides mistakes and imperfections, which could not only prevent you from attaining optimal benefits, but it could set you off course towards injury, thus slowing your path.

As Kay said, “how you do your yoga, is how you do your life.”

To me, this is discipline, which often translates into boundaries and containers.

Let’s face it, most of us are terrible with boundaries, and when we look back on WAHT we have NOT gotten done, and WHY, it’s often related to not structuring proper containers of time and space to commit to such projects, or allowing other people, places, or things to infringe on our boundaries.

In my Functional Pharmacy University and Practice Building Academy, I teach a lot about boundaries, as well as structuring backbones to your consulting practices, models for your marketing, and other entrepreneurial tips and strategies to keep forward movement and momentum- from idea conception, to implementation, to acquiring patients, and most importantly, retention!

One thing I would like to share with you, especially being Sunday, is to take a bit of time today and plan out your week ahead.

I simply do this with two things in mind.

  • Professional Goals
  • Personal Goals

And then after each topic, I bullet point how I plan to attain such goals, and sometimes, how they will be attained

For example, lets look at my personal goals,

To feel calm, in flow, engaged, strong, mobile, fit and free…

And below that my bullet points include

  • @7 hours of sleep each night – get to bed by 11 PM, after a day that adheres to my other movement and mindful qualities (see below) (and with the help of Relora, Magnesium, and Banyan sleepy oil)
  • Get Pilar out (my dog) at least 4 times each day, or bring her to day care to keep her calm
  • Ground movement min 3 times per week
  • Kettle Bells min 4 times per week- Get done after high 5 habit and walking Pilar, no if’s ands or buts
  • Sprint once per week- Sunday is the day, doing today
  • Min 30 minutes meditation time each day- – do slowdive app at least once in the morning, once in the evening, along with AM visualizing time via High 5 habit
  • Do high 5 habit first thing every morning
  • At least 30 minutes on self help, motivation, business building reading – drive time

And, if I can attain the personal goals, it provides me much better footing to attaining my professional goals…

Remember, how you do your yoga is how you do your life, get it?

Hearts, Thoughts and Healthy Vibes,

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