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When you market, search for common ground

Feb 12, 2018

Marketing your business, your practice, or even building your personal brand is like telling a story.

Stories, aka, Hollywood style, have shared consistent themes over the years...and this can also be likened to strong emotionally connected topics of the day.


This is meeting people where they are their minds, beliefs, and emotions.

People bond over common ground, or they fight over uncommon ground (aka us vs them)

What comes to mind here is...yes, once again, the Eagles Superbowl win...and what this did for the city.

You probably saw on the news the after the Superbowl partying by people in Philly...with the media focusing on the negative...

What the media did not show....was the coming together that took place.

As any large city...people stand on uncommon grounds, and there are riffs between citizens and the police.

What the lesson was, with the Eagles win...and the city of Philly...people of all types, belief factors, races, sex's, political beliefs and all...came together on common ground...and celebrated together. your marketing- know your market.

One thing that can help is to develop an avatar, of your average consumer. What is their age? male or female? where do they live? what are their wants? Likes? etc

and speak to this person in your marketing materials, social platforms....then, you will find common ground.