The Superbowl MVP shares the secret his success...which can be for your social media success

compounding phamacy pharmacy pharmacy marketing social media wellness Feb 12, 2018

Last weeks Superbowl shown something very interesting to a year that brought a lot of ire and turmoil. This was the year of the "kneelers" and where ever you stand on the subject, for - against - or indifferent, the Superbowl brought a truly entertaining game.

For many reasons, it was like it was scripted right out of Hollywood- as the "underdog" is a popular theme- brought most notably to the forefront by the movie Rocky in the '70's.

This makes the script ever so more intriguing as the Philadelphia Eagles (where Rocky was filmed and written) were the underdogs, and beat the 'evil empire" New England Patriots aka Apollo Creed (antagonist in the movie Rocky)

Full disclosure...I'm from Philly.

At the beginning of the season I quickly began to get fed up with the politicization, and hardly watched the NFL at all.

But being from Philly, the Eagles hold a special place. We have had great teams over the years- made it to the Superbowl twice (both times in my lifetime)- but never won it- truly a brides made syndrome.

Anyway, if you watched at all, then you most likely know that our starting QB, Carson Wentz, strong contender for MVP, got injured with just a few games left, leaving the Eagles to rely on the back up, Nick Foles- the underdog story ignites.

Nick had a rough first few games...but the team and himself stuck behind him.

He got better each and every game...and come Superbowl time, he equaled his contemporary, a man whose name has become synonymous with the Superbowl, Tom Brady.

Here's what I'm getting at. Nick Foles is a really good guy. Really good guy. After football he wants to become a pastor- he leans on his faith, and is a strong family man. He reaches out to the communities which he lives- and he has known struggle, and is honest about it. 

The pic above is a quote from an interview...which he shares the secret to his success...which is the same in other areas of life, even social media...honesty, humility, and a message that resonates.

As he shares, for him, he shares his weakness. He says most of social media is essentially someones highlight real- but that's not real 100% of the time.

People have struggle, people fail, and its important to show your weakness, exposure your vulnerability.

Why? It resonates with others...people magnetize to this.

 If you look around social media at the big influencers...this is what they are doing- they are not just showing their highlight real...they are being real, and your community wants that of you as well.