Welcome to Beyond The Labs Clinical & Lifestyle Training,  Coaching & Mentoring Program & Certification as A Functional & Lifestyle Clinician & Coach

Welcome to Beyond The Labs- The Ultimate Functional Medicine Training for Pharmacists

I am Robert Kress, Functional & Integrative Pharmacist, also referred to as The Godfather of Functional Pharmacy.

For over 20 years I have been working with patients as well as educating and coaching practitioners on implementing and growing functional and lifestyle medicine within their practice.

Along with my partner, Kay Corpus MD, we work together in a successful and purpose filled Beyond Functional Medicine practice guiding our patients to feel and be their best.

…I teach what I do, my coaching and teaching comes from a combination of evidence based medicine,  clinical and lifestyle practice.

Why would you entrust me to help make you the expert in functionally clinical and Lifestyle Protocols for wellness?

  • I walk the walk and talk the talk...I continually reach to better myself in all areas of health and wellness, of mind, body, and soul.
  • I have been practicing functional and lifestyle medicine for 20 years.
  • My training has spanned from acupuncture, clinical nutrition, pharmacy compounding, primal health coaching, muscle testing / kinesiology, reiki, yoga teacher training, mind-body medicine, certified movnat instructor.
  • In practice at Soul of Medicine, I have created the lifestyle and nutritional protocols for patients based on health history, symptoms and clinical testing.
  • I actively consult with patients helping them customize their health solutions and meet their goals.
  • I focus on didactics AND¬† implementation AND support AND community- other trainings leave this out- they give you book smart content, maybe some studies and case studies-
    I show you how to implement and what to do with your knowledge.
  • I coach through my Clinician to Coach Model- helping you provide the best out of your clinical acumen while maximizing relatability and communication skills with your clients.


3 Pay $1200 / Mo X 3 Mo
Choose 6 Pay $650/Mo X 6 Months


The Labs, Lifestyle & Community Coaching & Mentoring Method...The Possibilities- Our Future is Now

As the practice has evolved, we noticed through our combined over 50 years of practice in conventional and complementary therapies, we each have subtle nuances to treatments which complement each other for patients success.

A successful functional health practice will take into a account clients health goals, where they are when they begin, what challenges they have encountered, and through functional lab and lifestyle assessments create a path to take them where they want and need to go.

And...this is what I am about to teach you.

Through online trainings and group virtual meetings, and Live Q and A's we  train pharmacists like you in our method of the art and science of assessing labs and lifestyle (diet, movement, stress management, environment and BEYOND) and creating protocols based on the individual’s needs. 

As you can imagine, providing such clinical and lifestyle protocols are the core to any practice, has been a key to our success which you can use to either guide your own practice, or complement what you or someone else is already doing (i.e. collaborative)

Here's how it works.

When you sign up you will get sign on credentials to:

1) Beyond The Labs (BTL) CORE Training Members Site...The system- Training, Implementation- Growth- Lab Trainings ( serum labs, cortisol, hormone, GI, urine, saliva and more, along with Real Patient Examples for assessment and protocols. Where you will have lifetime access.

Beyond The Labs  GROW continuing education-Recorded video's from live group trainings that happen every other week- this is knew content providing a within the labs and beyond the labs approach. Included in your first year membership and then part of the Beyond The Labs Monthly Membership thereafter.

The Beyond The Labs Network Community- Challenges, Live Open Office Hours Q and A training and Recordings,  community threads, content and questions. This is the community coaching element through our online member's portal and Whatsapp Beyond The Labs Community messaging-  the key to your personal and practice growth. 

How and when we meet:

We meet via group video starting  every Week, a morning and evening time, to make sure you don't miss, and if you do, no worries, they are all recorded.

Every other Tuesday is Live Open Office Hours Q and A and the alternative Thursday a New Functional Medicine and Beyond Training. Times are 10 AM CST and 8 PM CST.

These are often brand new trainings I regularly create to keep you on your path to being the obvious expert. (honestly, there are trainings here you will find no where and extremely useful to your practice)

I also offer on alternative weeks, open office hours Q and A- as well a regular "gatherings" through our Community Network Page. In these trainings if we have to patient examples from our students, I will present you a full patient eval, from symptoms, to testing to protocols.

All classes will be recorded and housed in the GROW Members site.

  • We will cover real person¬†serum labs, urine metabolite, saliva, as well as GI tests, and more.
  • You will gain access to the templates I use, supplement, diet, movement, and all other protocols.
  • We will be covering patient topics of CardioMetabolic, Hormonal balancing with and without bio-identical hormone application, immune/autoimmune, stress, adrenal fatigue, weight loss, GI, nervous system and more.
  • For complete lifetime access of the Foundational Training Site, its only $3499ONE PAY (multiple payment options available)
  • If you have been following me than you know I often offer new trainings at a low price and then quickly raise them after the initial release....and at this price, there is no greater training that can make such impact, especially from practitioners or practice what they teach! With outstanding results.


We are going certified-

Upon completion of the primary training, 10 Live Community Teaching Hours, successful passing test grade and exit interview, you will obtain

Certification of Functional & Lifestyle Clinician & Coach

And what's even more exciting- if you so choose to partake in the coaching and mentoring, you have the ability to acquire Certification of Functional & Lifestyle Design.

Best Value Once Pay- $3499


Here's What It Can Do For You

Can you re-imagine pharmacy? As functional medicine is on a meteoric rise, many practitioners are looking for the secret formula of a successful practice, doctors, pharmacists...everyone.

When you grasp this training, you will be able to expand your current practice, create your own, or write your own ticket on other functional medicine practices who dearly need these services.

As most functional trainings fail through IMPLEMENTATION...it doesn't have to be that difficult, although it does need a proven method.

Most pharmacists are doing this as a side-hustle, and I want you to understand that the possibilities are endless and the need is real.

While the pharmacy industry is struggling and cursing out PBM's and DIR fee's, the monotony of count, stick, pour, and the overwhelm or less than stellar working conditions leading pharmacists on a mass exodus...the New Paradigm for pharmacy is here!

Who better to assess markers, manage medications, balance nutritional supplements, and provide lifestyle advice than pharmacists? 

The time is now, click the link below to claim your spot. 

Best Value One Pay $3499

The Healers Journey + Entrepreneurship in a Brave New World Coaching & Mentoring

Are you doing what lights you up? Are you finding joy in both your personal and professional life, while making a living while helping others?

To us, this is the essence of why we do what we do, and now as part of your membership to Beyond The Labs, you qualify to enter into our Professional and Personal Coaching and Mentorship Program.

Designed to work complementary with  Beyond The Labs Cohort Training, or stand alone, the Healers Journey Coaching & Mentoring provides both group and one-on-one coaching and mentoring to help guide you towards your professional and personal goals.

The essence of our 'outside the box' and 'Beyond the Labs approach.

Using the power of community met with targeted personal focus, Healers Journey Coaching & Mentoring is designed to create a personal and professional life of Joy, Purpose and Profitability.

This group Coaching and Program is available as an add on upon signing up for $44/mo, and prices range between $88 and $128 / month depending on group coaching or one on one mentoring offering)

Here's What You Need to Do Next...


The foundational curriculum  follows is available through the online portal. I am adding new trainings regularly.

We meet every week- although if you cannot make a meeting, don't worry, it is recorded.

One week we have a live training which could be based around our Labs to Lifestyle Method- or a brand new training I have created to take your expertise to the next level.

The alternate week we have scheduled Live Q and A which is for all Cohorts and Alumni of Beyond The Labs...and Random Online Gatherings through the Community Board (also, if you miss a live class, it's recorded, so no worries)

And...as the past cohorts have shown, the course builds upon itself, and becomes even greater- and the price has continued to rise...so even if life is too hectic for you now, you can lock yourself in and go at your own pace.

  • Introduction
  • Core Beyond Functional Medicine Trainings¬†
  • Serum Labs¬†
  • Nervous System
  • Cortisol, Adrenals, Inflammation
  • Sex Hormones
  • GI¬†
  • Inflammation¬†
  • Lifestyle
  • Case Studies

*New Trainings Regularly Added

I am Here to Coach you to Success and this is why we have our online community coaching element

The initial investment of this program, provides you lifetime access to the primary trainings, and 6 Months of Live Q and A, and Members area Calls, and the Video Vault.

After 6  Months  if the practitioner wants to remain a member of the members community, live calls and GROW Video Vault, they can then sign on at a variety of different levels, including continued coaching.

Hear what other practitioners are saying...
Beyond the Labs has been so much more than just another podcast or fictional medicine training.   If you are feeling stuck getting your practice off the ground or feel overwhelmed by all that you are learning TAKE THIS COURSE.  
Rob offers an outside the box way to help your patients.   Unlike other FM courses he nurtures our RPh need for evidence on what to do by teaching how to interpret at a variety of labs.  However, the name of his training implies, he teaches so much more.   
Part of Rob’s approach helps you to look at yourself so you know how to encourage patients to be introspective in finding solutions.  He teaches you to analyze a a patient’s chief concern using all tools ranging from a philosophical to physical approach.  
The time and energy Rob brings to his trainings and office hours is invaluable.  Join BTL, you will be glad you did!
Bianca Bradshaw , Pharm D, Functional Health Coach, Owner and Operator of Elmore Pharmacy and Bee Healthy Functional Medicine and Wellness Coaching

When I first decided I wanted to integrate more functional medicine into my pharmacy practice, I was very confused as to where to begin my training.  There were so many different programs that would happily take my money.  The more I looked, I kept coming back to the godfather of functional pharmacy, Rob Kress.  He has tailored his program specifically to pharmacists and has been using the protocols and techniques he teaches for many years.  He called me before signing up and we chatted for about 30 min and I knew instantly that this would be the best place for me to start my training.  He spends significant time coaching and helping us understand his patients and thought process.  The materials he provides in the Beyond the Labs program are extensive and very helpful.  I am so grateful for the support group of other like minded pharmacists in the cohort and the community that he has created.  I highly suggest that any pharmacist considering functional medicine to jump on a call with Rob before paying for other training programs and join the Beyond the Labs community!  

Tyler H- Pharm D, Utah

I first heard about Rob and functional pharmacy through a CE I registered for on Freece.com. To say I was blown away, is an understatement! The topics being discussed were exactly what I envisioned Pharmacy should be, and not being only run by the government and insurance! The beyond the Labs training is an absolute GAME changer! I couldn’t think of a better way to further your Pharmacy degree now matter what area you are currently practicing! Don’t hesitate to sign up with Rob, he is a born teacher and an absolutely incredible human being….this is what every Pharmacist should be learning, be part of the movement!

- Michael Naso  Rph Orlando, Florida

"Rob has been invaluable to my practice. The nuances that he addresses, from medication management to supplement dosages, in relation to lab values and lifestyle has made a tremendous impact to the outcomes of my patients. I believe every medical practice could use the assistance of a functional pharmacist, especially one that is trained through Rob’s program.

-Kay Corpus MD


"I encountered Rob in a CE that he presented, and the information was so transformational that I made the effort to seek him out on social media to see if he had a mentorship program. I immediately signed up without hesitation. Under his mentorship the journey of the next ten years was condensed into 3 months! He provided so much clarity as to where I was going and what my niche and next steps should be. I am forever grateful for his commitment to me, his mentee and his guidance on this journey."
-Johann Beukes
A Message from Rob:

Can You Re-imagine the New Paradigm n Pharmacy with Me?

It is an amazing time to be a pharmacist who wants to carve their own path, and make their own impact. If you are ready to grow your foot print in the functional medicine industry, contact me today


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