Beyond the Labs

A  Lifestyle and Clinical Approach to Protocols for Wellness

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Welcome to Beyond The Labs Clinical & Lifestyle Training

For those of you who don't know me, I am Robert Kress, Functional & Integrative Pharmacist, also referred to as The Godfather of Functional Pharmacy.

For over 10 years I have been educating and coaching practitioners on implementing and growing functional and lifestyle medicine within their practice.

Along with my partner, Kay Corpus MD, we work together in a successful and purpose filled functional medicine practice guiding our patients to feel and be their best.

I teach what I do, my coaching and teaching comes from evidence based medicine and clinical and lifestyle practice.

Why would you entrust me to help make you the expert in functionally clinical and Lifestyle Protocols for wellness?

  • I walk the walk and talk the talk...I continually reach to better myself in all areas of health and wellness, of mind, body, and soul.
  • I have been practicing functional and lifestyle medicine for 20 years.
  • My training has spanned from acupuncture, clinical nutrition, pharmacy compounding, primal health coaching, muscle testing / kinesiology, reiki, yoga teacher training, certified movnat instructor.
  • I currently reading and creating protocols for on average over 30 labs per week.
  • I actively consult with patients helping them customize their health solutions and meet their goals.
  • I focus on didactics AND  implementation AND support AND community- other trainings leave this out- they give you book smart content, maybe some studies and case studies-
    I show you how to implement and what to do with your knowledge.
  • Kay Corpus MD and I are constantly improving, growing, and teaching together in all aspects of functional, lifestyle medicine, and bodymind medicine.
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The Training...The Possibilities- Our Future is Now

As the practice has evolved, we noticed we each have subtle nuances to treatments which complement each other, most importantly for the good of patient care.

We operate a coaching program where we provide our patients complete care and transformation. Taking into account their health goals, where they are when they begin, what challenges they have encountered, and through functional lab and lifestyle assessments create a path to take them where they want and need to go.

And...this is what I am about to teach you.

I am launching my next 12 week training starting June 14, 2023, online trainings and group virtual meetings, to train pharmacists like you in our method of the art and science of assessing labs and lifestyle (diet, movement, stress management, environment) and creating protocols based on the individual’s needs. 

As you can imagine, providing such clinical and lifestyle protocols are the core to any practice, has been a key to our success which you can use to either guide your own practice, or complement what you or someone else is already doing (i.e. collaborative)

Here's how it works.

Monday, June 12, the course goes live, and spaces are limited so I suggest if you are interested you climb aboard at this introductory price.

That day you will receive your log in credentials to…

Beyond The Labs 101...A Clinical & Lifestyle Approach to Protocols for Wellness.

Within the members area you will find the introductory trainings to set the ground work, recognize the core tenets, and prepare you for what lies ahead. These initial trainings will provide way more value than the price tag, I promise you that.

Then we will meet via Zoom starting Wednesday June 14- every other Week, a morning and evening time, to make sure you don't miss, and if you do, no worries, they are all recorded. 

I also offer on some alternative weeks, open office hours Q and A.

All classes will be recorded and housed in the members area which you will have access to.

  • In between we will be having trainings, active discussions, cases studies, Grand Rounds, with unlimited email access to me during the training. 
  • We will cover real person serum labs, urine metabolite, saliva, as well as GI tests, and more.
  • You will gain access to the templates I use, supplement, diet, movement, and all other protocols.
  • We will be covering patient topics of CardioMetabolic, Hormonal balancing with and without bio-identical hormone application, immune/autoimmune, stress, adrenal fatigue, weight loss, GI, and more.
  • There will be an exam at the end which will ensure your mastery of this topic.

The pricing will be $1500 , and you can choose a one pay or three pay options as well-  if you have been following me than you know I often offer new trainings at a low price and then quickly raise them after the initial release....and at this price, there is no greater training that can make such impact, especially from practitioners or practice what they teach! With outstanding results.

There is some self interest, in addition to spreading the best medicine through this training-  as we are growing our clinics, I will be mentoring and hiring other pharmacists to do this job with and for me, thus the training has to happen first to learn our method and ways of being.

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Here's What It Can Do For You

Can you re-imagine pharmacy? As functional medicine is on a meteoric rise, many practitioners are looking for the secret formula of a successful practice, doctors, pharmacists...everyone.

When you grasp this training, you will be able to expand your current practice, create your own, or write your own ticket on other functional medicine practices who dearly need these services.

As most functional trainings fail through doesn't have to be that difficult, although it does need a proven method.

Most pharmacists are doing this as a side-hustle, and I want you to understand that the possibilities are endless and the need is real.

While the pharmacy industry is struggling and cursing out PBM's and DIR fee's, the monotony of count, stick, pour, and the overwhelm or less than stellar working conditions leading pharmacists on a mass exodus...the New Paradigm for pharmacy is here!

Who better to assess markers, manage medications, balance nutritional supplements, and provide lifestyle advice than pharmacists? 

The time is now, click the link below to claim your spot. 

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Here's What You Need to Do Next...

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A Message from Rob:

Can You Re-imagine the New Paradigm n Pharmacy with Me?

It is an amazing time to be a pharmacist who wants to carve their own path, and make their own impact. If you are ready to grow your foot print in the functional medicine industry, contact me today


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Hear what other practitioners are saying...


"I encountered Rob in a CE that he presented, and the information was so transformational that I made the effort to seek him out on social media to see if he had a mentorship program. I immediately signed up without hesitation. Under his mentorship the journey of the next ten years was condensed into 3 months! He provided so much clarity as to where I was going and what my niche and next steps should be. I am forever grateful for his commitment to me, his mentee and his guidance on this journey."
-Johann Beukes
"Rob has been invaluable to my practice. The nuances that he addresses, from medication management to supplement dosages, in relation to lab values and lifestyle has made a tremendous impact to the outcomes of my patients. I believe every medical practice could use the assistance of a functional pharmacist, especially one that is trained through Rob’s program.

-Kay Corpus MD