The Path of the Clinician and the Path of the Patient are often One in the Same

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...or should be

The thing about functional medicine, we often ask the patient to make significant lifestyle changes and basically that equates to, one’s way of being.

This can be a big deal- this is turning ones back on habits and conditioning often years in the making and developing new habits and ways of being.

As practitioners we are not immune to the same expectations, and I don’t mean “walk the walk and talk the talk.”

What I am referring to is stepping into our practice with both feet, putting skin into the game and the need to get uncomfortable. We are making changes too. And it can be uncomfortable, like it can be for our patients, right?

Breaking habits, spending money, putting up boundaries- it’s the same for our patients as it’s the same for us-

And there is a common goal- healing.

Healing takes place on all levels, it’s not just a tweak to their hormones as its not just putting up a website and singing on to practice better- there is commitment to growth on a physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level.

It might surprise you, although in our practice- the ultimate goal is to hold and guide our patients to their greatest potential, its not just about losing weight or sleeping better- its about purpose and uncovering their authentic self.

Once again- no different from us as the practitioners in the impact we want to make in our life and in others.


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