It’s in the nuances…often in THEIR STORY

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It’s funny, as I write this, I am doing some work at Story in Louisville, a co-working space where we have acquired an office as we are expanding our practice.

And, of course, I write about “THEIR STORY”

This is why I have called my new course, “Beyond the labs”…because as the functional labs, and optimization of conventional labs tell us a lot (actually part of the training is about developing a profile just from the patients labs), the labs still don’t tell us everything, especially about protocols and supplement & lifestyle tweaks.  

It is often in the nuances of your patient’s life, your patient’s way of being, your patient’s story is where the gold is to be found.

It's for this same reason that the art of listening, even when you don’t know what you are listening for, uncovers the aha moment in the last few minutes of the consult, it happens all of the time.

Let me give you an example. Say you have a patient whose cortisol labs show adrenally fatigued, cortisol is in the basement, the patient complains of low energy, exhaustion, so you recommend a supplement combination of adaptogens, some stimulating like licorice, maybe a glandular.

…and the patient can’t tolerate it. It makes them anxious.

You did deeper, and you realize that this patient overextends their life, is on the go all day long, has little boundaries, runs on an open-door policy- basically is running on adrenaline, not cortisol.

In addition to the right supplements, what this person really needs are some lifestyle strategies to help balance the rest and repair throughout her day, maybe some strategies on some vagus nerve activation to help calm her sympathetic response. Probably some proper guidance on what movement/exercises are best.

So ultimately, it can go beyond the cortisol and adrenal testing in regard to the patients wellbeing and how the protocols you recommend will either build them or further break them down.

You are going to learn about this and so much more in the upcoming Beyond the Labs 101-  A lifestyle and clinical approach to protocols for wellness. 

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