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Why Am I A Pharmacist? or.... Why I am A FUNCTIONAL Pharmacist!

#pharmacy #pharmacist #functionalmedicine #functionalpharmacy #functionalpharmacist #functionalmedicinepharmacists #pccarx #ncpa #pdx #pharmacyowners #communitypharmacy #chainpharmacy #independentpharmacy Jan 24, 2022

I was going through my book, Whole Pharmacy, Reversing the Trends of Disease in an Over-Medicated Society, specifically Chapter 4, pg. 33.

This chapter, The Extension of Sick Care, I covered some egregious past acts of our industry such as:

  • Publication bias, where studies are cherry picked to show only the positive ones, and bury the negative ones for approval
  • How Vioxx killed tens of thousands of people since the drug maker buried known cardio issues
  • How private and governmental agencies recommended Tamiflu without full data being researched and vetted

...Sitting here in 2022, I am realizing, Somethings never change I guess!4

So I asked myself, "Why am I a pharmacist?"

And then, doing some word trickery, wrote on the top of a piece of paper, Why I Am A FUNCTIONAL Pharmacist, and challenged myself to write 20 reasons, stream of conscious like

Here's what flowed (yeah, my writing pretty bad, so I have it typed below:

  1. Perfect position to guide people to choice
  2. I can speak effectively to both allopathic and natural medicine- the best of both worlds
  3. I love feedback that I have helped someone
  4. I love helping people
  5. It's a controversial topic- never boring
  6. I like to buck systems
  7. I love to teach
  8. I love to answer questions
  9. I'm a people person
  10. I don't fit the mold, and the mold needs to be changed
  11. I am very health oriented
  12. In many ways it seems I was guided to do this- as many times I tried to get out :)
  13. I want to spread the power of mind-body
  14. Nature is medicine
  15. Movement is medicine
  16. It's often a HUGE P.I.T.A - and for some sick reason I dig that
  17. Communities need us
  18. Healthcare needs us
  19. It allows for creative openminded thinking
  20. We are all trail blazers (patients and practitioners) and wont regret that 

So there you go!

If you are interested in starting your journey into Functional Pharmacy or expanding and growing your practice, check out Functional Pharmacy University and Practice Building Academy