What's Your Medicine?

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Let's talk medicine...with the understanding, there is NO ONE TYPE OF MEDICINE.

In my Men's health practice, I break things down into four core energies...Physical, mental, emotional, and energetic/spiritual.

Within these core energies lies different types of medicine...and as a practitioner, it is up to us to find the best match working WITH our clients. To find ones strengths and ones deficiencies, and to offer ways of accessing the deficient, while utilizing our strengths- this is a BEYOND FUNCTIONAL APPROACH.

For example; in the physical we can have medications, herbs, minerals, movement (yoga, etc), healing touch, somatic, cannabis, psychedelic plant medicine, chiropractic care, acupuncture, etc

Mental we have the power of focus and attention- this is literally the currency that creates our existence, and pulls the strings on what often drives the physical.. This could incorporate meditation, visualizations, etc

Emotional- these are the strings that guide the mental- often how we FEEL will influence how we think, and how we behavior. A recent training I put in the members area is entitled- Emotions...your medicine or your poison?

Then there is energetic- which is essentially influence that people, places and things have around us. Vastu and Feng Shui come to mind re: our homes and lands that we live on. Cutting ties with people who are manipulative, or there is just not an energy match could be the needed medicine for some.

Above, you see me tapping into some emotional medicine...

This was at a Sacred Sons Weekend, and it was frikken powerful. For me...tapping into deep, underlying frustration and anger IS medicine to me.

For me...physical medicine, pushing me to my limits, IS medicine to me. And to be honest, more powerful than any supplement you could ever give me.

Take some time to think about it. What is your medicine? What helps you make those shifts in your health, in your wellness, in your life. Then think, what's NOT your medicine.

Dialing this in with yourself, will provide you with a level of objectiveness to help dial it in, or recognize it within your patients,