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What CBD might be doing to your nutritional practice

Feb 24, 2019

...And a happy Sunday to you.

So I was thinking. As I have been working with other practitioners to help them implement natural medicine into their practices for over a decade now, one of the most common rejections I first hear from a practitioner who is "green" to practitioner grade supplements is, "my customers won't pay that."

Time and time again, and time and time again, they realize, its not about ability to pay, its about willingness, and if you have a client base that see's such value, I caution not to pass your beliefs or judgement's on them. .

Over the last few months as I have been getting my feat wet in the CBD market, from going over the research, asking questions, answering questions, sometimes recommending it, and writing retorts to the local medical community when they question the 'evidence-based' affect...I have realized one huge thing that must not be overlooked!

There is literally no price resistance to CBD, and people are coming to the table with questions on transparency, quality, and are willing to pay almost three times what my average nutraceutical sku goes for.

Obviously the 'big promise' and 'hope for relief' has a lot to do with this, although to be honest, people are coming back for more.

Back to the price resistance...

It's to early to tell, although I have started tracking my other nutraceuticals. I am curious to see what the addition of CBD will be doing to them.

Will it be an additional profit center?

Will it take from some of the other sales?

Will it increase the other sales based on the "what else ya got" and lowered price resistance?

I will keep you informed. :)

This week I will be teaching two live CE's for you- both presented by our friends over at

Today- 1 PM EST- Primer to Primal

Thursday- 6 PM EST- Beyond the Biome

Both excellent, entertaining and totally relevant to functional pharmacy.

Have a great day!