Wednesday Wanderings...Do What Inspires You.

Apr 26, 2023

What inspires you? And are you doing it, or just thinking about it?

My last post was about one foot in and one foot out- otherwise known as split energy.

And if you are looking for a way to build resistance and prevent what you want to create or accomplish or feel or be…split your energy.

Hopefully that’s not what you want to do, although truth be told- we do it more often than we like to admit.

I like to say I have attained my masters in split energy over the years- doing what I feel I need to do, doing what others want me to do, with a little bit of doing what inspires me- and inconsistently at that.

And inspiration is a funny thing- because sometimes you might not be inspired to do what normally inspires you, in the creative world also known as writers block.

I might not be inspired to write a Wednesday Wandering next week…

And that’s OK, that only means you need to shift gears at that time, either down shift or upshift, step out of your space that is zapping you and get into a new space.

I look back at my past retail pharmacy career- and was I inspired counting pills, calling insurance, etc. etc? Heck No. Although I did it out of what I felt I needed to do, what others wanted me to do, and what I felt others expected of me to do.

And this is not to discount others who love this, that’s awesome, we all have our unique aspects of inspiration.

I did really enjoy talking with patients about functional medicine, and I found a way to bring that inspiration into my practice. I implemented a wellness program for a regional chain, I wrote locally on functional medicine, while I was also teaching and training other practitioners to do the same- that was inspiring for me. And today, I continue with much of that.

And it’s easy to fall into what I call, the minutia, the day in and the day out, the maintenance. And this still happens, although these days I am much better recognizing it. And when it does happen, there is one thing that is the consistent, one thing that I always do that it allows it to happen- I dishonor my own boundaries.

See, boundaries are not just about protecting yourself from outside influences, boundaries are about honoring your own self, your true self- committing to others under the guidelines that you are first committing to yourself.

Cool, I hope this helps, I felt inspired to share it with you (that’s another thing- when you are inspired, and not just doing because you are supposed to do- your work is so much better)

Take homes:

  • Do what inspires you
  • If you are not doing what inspires you- check your boundaries and integrity with yourself
  • Have the needed conversations, make the needed adjustments…you know what they are.

Talk soon,