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Value your Time over Your Money and Any Material Possession

#pharmacy #pharmacist #functionalmedicine #functionalpharmacy #functionalpharmacist #functionalmedicinepharmacists #pccarx #ncpa #pdx #pharmacyowners #communitypharmacy #chainpharmacy #independentpharmacy Dec 12, 2021

Hey pharmacists, especially those of you looking to grow your entrepreneurial prowess…ever feel like you are time-starved, over-whelmed, and busy putting out fires, aka other people’s emergencies?

If implementing and growing a functional practice, or any practice for that matter, you MUST value your time more than you do your money or any material possession.

More? You mean as much Rob, right?

Nope…time is that one asset you will never ever get back.

You can always make more money, buy a new car, whatever, but time lost is irreplaceable. It ain’t never coming back, and when you start your second act in life, your 50’th time around the sun, you will look at time a bit differently, I promise you that.

As pharmacists we are horrible at boundaries (something I will talk about in an upcoming post)- and we tend to everyone elses “emergencies” before our own.

They might make it seem like their emergency is more important that that project you are working on, maybe you are a “fix it” type person and want to step in “save the day”, or maybe, you are just really horrible at saying no.

When you are running your own pharmacy or practice, there will be a million attempts from outsiders to take your time, (and that’s just by noon on Monday)- you must guard it with your life…protect it, build a fortress to stave off the onslaught of marauders looking to steal “just a minute of your time”

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