Those roadblocks in your head are much more dangerous than you realize

Jan 27, 2016

Have you ever been stumped on how to move forth on a project? Maybe you wanted to do a series of youtube videos for your marketing, but dont know where to start? Maybe you have a ton of tasks to get done but are polarized by overwhelm, not knowing where to start?

These roadblocks are viruses for your productivity- they are business growth killers.

If the problem is you don't know how to do a particular thing- for instance, how to edit videos, either abandon the idea, learn how, or hire someone to do it for you NOW.

Trust me, they wont just happen by themself, and the more you recognize it as somehting that "can't be done" it wont ever be done and will only take up mental space that you will think about- but do nothing about.

If the problem is that you have so much on your plate...maybe your a list maker and you are looking at your list, and seem frozen in the footprints towards productivity, then start small.

Do one little thing on that list first- something that is a no brainer, something easy and not time consuming. 

Then do another, do a handful of quick and easy tasks to get the momentum rolling. After you see a few things crossed off, see how you feel. Are you ready to step up to bigger things? I bet you are.