The Writings on the Wall with Paxlovid

May 02, 2022

I want to be real for a second. The management of Covid has been a complete debacle from "the powers that be."

And now, I believe the writing is on the wall for Pfizer's newest cash cow at taxpayers expense- paxlovid.

First off, we have seen a multitude of therapies shown to be effective and safe to treat covid.

And my mind is not a viable option, first off it cost the government (which means taxpayers) $530 per treatment course, and it has a ton of drug interactions.

People will go and get their Paxlovid wherever they can, probably won't be at their regular pharmacy.

With all the interactions and the cyp3a pathway, People will be overdosed on many of their maintenance medications to dangerous proportions.

Here is a link from University of Michigan on many of the drug interactions. Where they state, said medications should be held/dose reduced/extra monitoring 8 days before starting Paxlovid!!!

I have a feeling these simple recommendations will be overlooked, and many drug interactions will be experienced.

 Talk soon,