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The Power of the Masculine and Feminine Energies to Guide us To Personal and Practice Success

Feb 11, 2023

The Functional Pharmacy Elixir Members Only Monthly is the foundational place to start in the world of Functional Pharmacy, as it is our goal to ensure that Pharmacists thrive in functional medicine, offering their talents, nuances and passions.

Content in the members monthly is divided into topics such as:

  • Live Open Office Hours Coaching Calls Q and A
  • Monthly Master Trainings...expanding the foundational knowledge from Functional Pharmacy University
  • Coaching Pearls, Implementation and Growth Training
  • Look over My Shoulder Lab Reviews
  • Members Only Beyond the Labs Podcast,
  • And more

Enjoy a Free Training I lifted out of the Members area to give you a taste of my "outside of the pill bottle" and Beyond Functional approach.