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That Ahhh Haaa, when you realize you love what your doing AND what you've been missing

Sep 16, 2019

You know that feeling when your nearing your fiftieth trip around the sun and you have an aha moment, of…holy sh#% I dig what I am doing and OMG, look what I have been missing!!! One of the missings for me has been community, which is funny as I am a community pharmacist, and you can find me jawing with my customers on goings on in their life on any given day.

This is different.

This is being IN community.

Being IN community is a root to a healthy and rewarding life, and what I have learned the past year is that both #yoga and #crossfit come with amazing support structures and built in communities.

I have always been the one happy enough to observe the world from my stand alone perches, get lost hiking up in the mountains, find a stream to sit beside with my pad and pen, or just get out on my skateboard and flow.

I began Yoga Teacher Training back in May. It has been an amazing experience, and in addition to the rewarding nature of being able to teach the functional medicine element, one of our tasks is to create a community project, a free 6-week course, in line with your beliefs, life experience, etc.


I went the athlete peak performance route in conjunction with my local cross fit studio.

As I am laying here sequencing out my next Movement, Mobility and Mindfulness Class for this coming Sunday, working on upper legs, knee’s, hams, quads, with the help of Jill Miller @yogatuneup and Kelly Starrett @thereadystate , I find myself engrossed in anatomy, astonished of the functional movement of the body, the ability to reduce pain, prevent and rebound from injury by honoring and supporting the body- 

and to think, I have been in medicine, practicing pharmacy, nutrition, and mind body medicine for over 25 years, and I am just putting the pieces together on functional movement and health. It’s kind of that ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ thing for me.

Anyway, if you have not found ‘that thing’ especially if you are a pharmacist, or any of the many in the fields of medicine, not finding reward in what you do…keep on keeping on, and don’t be afraid to look outside the box, step out of your comfort zone, trust there is more than just standard of care.

Be Well * Have Fun * Do Good

- Robert