Salmonella Found In Nature Made Vitamins

nature made salmonella quality vitamins salmonella salmonella in vitamins vitamins Jun 23, 2016

Remember the Ford marketing campaign that helped turn around their company as more and more people were graviting toward Japanese automobiles, Quality Is Job 1?

Quality is an aspect of value found in almost every industry, especially nutrition. And fortunatley, pharmacists and practitioners like us can give our clients the highest in quality through practitioner grade supplements.

It is estimated that 40 to 50% of the final retail cost of a nutritional supplement is due to the extensive testing that is done to ensure quality.

So you have to does salmonella make it into a vitamin, go un-noticed, and make it to the retail shelves?

My gues...they are not testing to ensure that quality is Job 1.

This is what happened with what is referred to as the #1 supplement line recommended by pharmacists, Nature Made.

Dietary supplement maker Pharmavite is recalling several of its vitamin products, including some of its adult gummies, due to a possible contamination issue.

Pharmavite's Nature Made line of vitamins and nutritional supplements said it was pulling the following products from store shelves “out of an abundance of caution due to potential salmonella or staphylococcus aureus contamination”

Click here for the lots underoing recall:

What is interesting to note is that Pharmavite has thrown their hat into the quality nutrition arena has they have purchsed FoodState, who owns MegaFood, whole food supplement line directed to the consumer, and Innate Response, the whole food company directed to the practitioner.

 If you are a pharmacist and you want to get serious about wellness from a nutritional point of must separate yourself from the competition.

You also want to provide your cusotmers with the highest quality at the best value, while building a business within itself for your practice.

Your customers are looking for the best- they are not looking to just buy on price. If you have not begun so yet, consider adding a high quality practitioner line to your practice.