Our Passivity is Going to Kill Our Profession

Jun 24, 2022

Did you hear my podcast with Todd Eury at Pharmacy Podcast Network? 

I thanked him for giving Pharmacy the platform to have our voice heard loud and clear, because for far too long, we have been SOFT. 

For years I have seen other disciplines speaking out to defend their sovereignty, and honestly, until the PBM's really started tightening the screws, did I hear that voice above more than a ripple- like with patients, until the pain gets too great do we take action. 

We also have had our identity giveth- and taken away from us- we have been forever shapeshifting within the industry for leftovers from the AMA, Pharma, Insurance Co’s, etc…time to leave that way of being behind. 

I think about over the years, back in the day, the respect that we had when it was all about the art and the science...for many of us, we have re-created that- as we are claiming our space in the community health hub- not just a passive receiving of vaccinations and "bones thrown to us" by the industry, which essentially serves Pharma the most. 

I want you to get loud with me...if it's in you. This week, I had to say no to two "tire kickers" on implementing functional medicine to their practice. 

They just were not ready, embroiled in the fear, and had a hard time accessing their voice, personally and professionally. 

If you are someone who is ready to stand for what you believe in, know the possibilities of a beyond Functional Approach, I invite you to join me in my quest for sovereignty of pharmacy, and making a major impact on the health of our profession, while serving our purpose. 

The time is now to Join the Best and Beyond way to learn, implement and grow functional medicine in your pharmacy practice...with Functional Pharmacy University  

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p.s.- I have not promoted it, although there are two spots for July sign up for my coaching and mentorship program, so if this is something you are serious about, message me now 

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