Nothing is of the core tenets to Functional Pharmacy (and life)

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Nothing is Absolute!

Probably one of the key "universal principles" to ones health...Nothing Is Absolute

This is a mantra I use with my professional clients and my patients to help empower them in their own health, or uncovering blockages in their patients.

Tune in while I share examples such as:

  • Their story is not your story
  • A lab test is a view in to uncover something not seen, or confirm something believed to be seen
  • A diagnosis is only to get us to hopefully look in the right direction
  • The body has an inherent ability to heal when we provide it with the right environment
  • A genetic trait or mutation is not a guarantee of disease
  • Pharmacogenomics are only one piece of the puzzle Why you need to know about NNT (number needed to treat) in relation to medical interventions

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