Monday Morning Reflections with Rob 4.17.23

Apr 17, 2023

You must make space for new things to grow…

(and this includes your mind and your vibe)

I am sure there has been a million analogies to describe what I want to share with you…especially as we are transitioning through spring, gardens are being planted, and life becomes seasonally refreshed and renewed.

Such as…” clearing out the weeks to allow the flowers to grow” …etc etc

And what is often missed to create the space, is boundaries.

Back to the landscaping analogy, and we can even extrapolate it to all of nature,

What makes landscaping, a garden, or the wilds of nature flourish as it does, besides food, water and the cleaning out of the underbrush…


Yesterday we were doing some landscaping, and around a plant bed in front of the house, where there was a “natural transition” from bed to grass, the boundaries were encroached…dried up mulch was falling on to the grass, and grass was making its way into the plant bed through the mulch…

The afternoon was spent putting an edging wall to define…

It’s like this in the wilds of nature as well- rivers, edges of forests to open fields, marsh lands to the bay, a beach to the ocean…boundaries are natural, and we as humans often suck at creating boundaries!

Back to the space thing…space is a lot about feeling

For example, if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed- space is not there…you are not in alignment with allowing this go with flow and ease

And, in order for you to start something new, and ever so more important in the case of beginning a coaching or consulting practice, GROWING SOMETHING NEW- you need space in your head to allow the right thinking to flow.

And what I mean by right thinking is thinking in alpha state, relaxed state, creative state- that space where ideas and solutions to problems seem to drop in from the heavens…

Not the chaotic, multitasking, feeling of overwhelm that happens much too frequently, and if it doesn’t completely block growth, I guarantee you it slows the process and adds to a lot more energy expenditure than there needs to be.

Here are my 5 Keys to creating more space to allow for ease, flow and growth

  1. ONE THING- focus on one thing at a time. Even if you have 19 different projects going on right now, when you are working on whatever you are working on- focus on that 100% exclusively. Otherwise, if you are “multitasking” hoping from one topic to the next- I guarantee you will be less productive and feel more exhausted at the end of the day.
  2. When you shift from one focus to the next- be mindful to disconnect into a transitional space. Take a moment to get up from your workspace, walk around, do some squats, heck, put on some music and dance a bit. It’s important for you to create boundaries of transition.
  3. Take at least one full day off from “work stuff” each week. Without explanation, even if you feel it will set you back, trust me, do it!
  4. Commit to boundaries of time- whether you create work blocks of minutes then to break for 5 or 10- or commit to X days or hours on a project- do not encroach upon this commitment you have made to yourself. And…do not let it be encroached upon by another responsibility.
  5. Only sit down to work when you are feeling in good vibe- not in the overwhelm, confusion, frustration or stress state- that is a sign, get up and get out, do something different- gears needed to be shifted, maybe its time for some movement, maybe journaling, maybe meditation…this is not the same for everyone, and its not the same, all the time- I really want you to drop into how you are feeling, and what works best for you

Time keeps Marching, and there will always be other things to do- the time will never be perfect, so… try these steps, or create your own to create more space, shift your brain waves and vibes to ones that are more productive and creative, and let it flow!