It's Time to Commit To You

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Three Tips and pearls of wisdom this salty and weathered functional medicine specialist has gained through his career, coaching others, and bar talk- that will bode well for your entrepreneurial journey.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, may you be blessed with the company of the ones that you hold dear, through relaxation and fun...

Last night I was relaxing with Pilar after a great day of Yoga, lunch and a walk with those dear to me, some kettlebells, and putting the final touches on the Functional Pharmacy Blue Print, which is now part of my Functional Pharmacy University and FxnRx Grad School.

I had a craving for something sweet, so I wandered across the street to my local café and ordered a desert.

An older gentleman I have seen many times before, whom we never met, always just gave polite nods...came up to me, with a vest which shown he was a veteran of the Vietnam war, asked if I wanted to hear a sea story.

Turns out, in '66 he went into the Navy to hopefully avoid going to war, but within 6 months was transferred to a Marine Med Unit where we was delivered into combat.

He showed me was before we was transferred into the combat zone, and the other, 6 months later. It was a picture of a fresh young man whom in a short period of time, had eyes of intensity, brow lines of sorrow, and a face that exhibited cortisol taking its toll.

The other picture he showed me was of his buddy, it was May 8, week after the picture was taken, his buddy died in combat. My new friend Ron went on to survive the war and become a very successful business man, he told me his experience in many ways was a gift, as before that he never really challenged with the notion of "you have one life to live, how do you want to live it" and he said he realized, his choice was not to die at the hands of others, for which he had no control.

Sometimes what we perceive as a challenge, unfair, or not our just the thing we need to put ourselves into gear. Your soul has been involved.

After that conversation, looking back at my past few weeks, working with my clients and members of my coaching and mentoring programs...and working on myself, I have three pearls of wisdom I would like to share with take your career and your life to the next level- walking along side those you love, taking care of those you love, creating a life that you love.

  1. Building Your Business takes laser focus and an unwavering commitment 

This tip comes from Initial Keys and Tips to creating and growing your practice-  In the Functional Pharmacy Blue Print.

It's so easy to get hijacked and side-tracked from your path, for other perceived emergencies...and I remember years ago after Jimmy Buffet wrote his book, A Pirate Looks at 50, Katie Couric asked, what's his secret to writing books- he said, "Write about what you know, and write one page a day."

Start writing your metaphorical one page a!

  1. Step into Your Own Life-Keep Working on You and Stay True to You

Inner work is about making peace with and honoring your own your own life and any life you expect to have with others. One thing for certain is that many of us pharmacists and pleasers and we are horrible with boundaries...for fear of disappointing others or fear of failure. Here is the gold that lies within this message- by staying true to you, you will actually be showing up as the person the others in your life need you to be, AND who you need to be for yourself.

  1. Be Bold

Decide what you want and go for it. Be bold, ruffle feathers, ask for, and if needed, with unabashed guilt or regret- demand what you want. I have seen this in our patients. When someone retires, aside from struggling with losing a sense of purpose, they find they are horrible at making decisions. Their work life was easy, their schedule told them what to do. That's what a job gives you- a template to follow, you don't need to make the life of an entrepreneur...Just as its time for them to recreate and step into their new life-you need to create the containers and boundaries to make those solid decisions to move forward.

Ok, there are your 3 tips to look over, see how it feels, embody.