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It’s easy to make things complex, it’s more difficult to simplify

Jan 26, 2020

Right? How many times have you sat down to work on a project, maybe express an idea that has been floating around in your brain, maybe it was creating an ad, or a short video on social media- and the project became a mammoth of overwhelm and confusion, OR, it seemed too much, and it just sat there.

I was walking in the arts district of Benton Harbor MI, and on the side of a building of what I believe used to be an old dry-cleaning business, was this this ad.


How perfect is that? Its simple, says what they do and probably one of the core wants of their consumer base, and even offers visual learning.

This was obviously many years ago, and the message is so much more relevant today- in a time where people are just reading bullet points, attention spans are dwindling faster than a campfire in a down pour.

It doesn’t take very long to look at that and get what they do and how they can do it for you.

We can dry clean your clothes, and you can get them back the same day by 4, if you drop off by 10.

What are some simple and easy messages you can do to convey your benefits?