​It’s as simple as “what’s best for the customer, isn’t it?”

Jan 21, 2016

Yesterday I was on a consulting call with one of my members, and he mentioned something that rung true to me.

He told me, “I have been accused of being anti-pharmacy by one of my colleagues, and I told him, I am more anti-pharma, but certainly not anti-pharmacy.”

This statement rang true and got me thinking- because I LOVE PHARMACY and what we can do.

I am a firm believer in Functional Pharmacy and want to see more modern day apothecaries keep growing, but I do have my particular issues of how our industry has morphed into puppets for Pharma and their relationship with the CDC, FDA and other governmental agencies.

“Fall inline folks and nobody gets hurt!”

I heard the word lately, reverse-totalitarianism, suggesting that instead of the case of totalitarianism where all control of public and private life is government run, reverse-totalitarianism is where the government is under the control of certain industries and corporations, who are pulling the strings while our elected representatives are nothing more than greedy marionettes.

Let’s think about this in how we practice. Are we recommending what’s best for the customer, or are we influenced and coerced by biased prevailing thoughts?

“And when you trust your television, what you get is what you got, cause when they own the information, they can bend it all they want”- Waiting On The World To Change- John Mayer

Here’s a great example.

I was reading in the December issue of Drug Topics, and in the beginning there was an article on legalization of marijuana in Colorado.

Regardless of your thoughts or mine on the topic, I think it’s safe to say that this article was written in a very biased, fear based way, with a goal to get all readers of the article to walk away with a “marijuana is the devil” belief.

One has to look at the facts. The author spoke about facts such as increasing hospitalizations due to over consumption, which I verified with him, although he did not speak of the medical benefits that countless people have found since the prohibition has been lifted, where prescription therapy failed or offered too many side-effects.

“All your thoughts are locked up in those stories that they tell you, now you surely understand that’s how the system molds you”- Educate the Masses, Natali Rize

That’s why I suggest we should all start with one simple question,

“What’s the best for the patient?”

Too many times in a given industry we take an “us vs them” approach, and where it is a great marketing and influencing tool, it does not take each individual into account. Your patients are tired of the ‘one size fits all approach’ and that’s not what functional pharmacy is about, is it?

Sure I fill narcotics for people who I feel it’s only feeding their addiction, or maybe some whom I believe there is a deep seated emotional issue that’s the true root cause, although I also understand that’s their choice, and that form of pain management might best for them.

Sure I understand there are some people who will go to a doctor for an antibiotic at first sign of the sniffles, and I know it’s my job to offer them information on the downfalls and possible alternatives, but ultimately, ITS THEIR CHOICE AND BELIEF on what’s best for them. If they don’t believe that high does vitamin D therapy over a few days will help, then it won’t.

And here’s the tip on growing your practice…don’t practice in fear, practice a form of selling I love best- the Not Selling Form of Selling.

I move a ton of supplements…and I have developed a very strong clientele who I couldn’t even shake when I went incommunicado a few years.

I have been told numerous times, “If you ever leave, we will follow you”, literally in a threatening manner- and I believe it’s all because I speak to people with my genuine voice, I lead with what I think is best for them (even if I am not the one who sells it to them), and I provide them with non-biased, credible information to make the best decision for themselves.

I see pharmacists who shudder to think they have to send someone to the competition- I don’t know if their fear is from losing a simple sale, or losing the customer for good.

The fact of the manner is, the customer will smell the fear like a bloodhound, and the “competition” in their mind is their own creation, because after all- if you lead with what’s best for your customers, provide an inspiring, engaging and caring ear, you will have no competition.

Last thing, next time you have a negative, disempowering thought, or even begin to question yourself- do two things.

  • 1-Understand what fear really is- False Evidence Appearing Real and,
  • 2-Practice “artificial elation”- Celebrate the emotion…diffuse it in its tracts- with artificial elation you will manipulate the thing that should make you feel bad into making you feel good.

Stay Easy,