It's about balance, right?

May 30, 2022

Happy Memorial Day weekend, may you be blessed with the company of the ones that you hold dear, through relaxation and fun...

I wanted to share one more tip with you that I know you can use in your personal and business life.

In our Men's Health Practice, I focus on four sources of energy...

Most dudes (myself included) are usually a bit deficient in some, and stronger in others.

It's through the strength that we can enter in and work on our weaknesses.

The four sources are:

  Physical: Muscle to fat ratio, nutrition, sleep, movement, rest and repair.

  Emotional: Do you feel positive emotions on a regular basis, Are you emotionally resilient? Or are your negative emotions running the show?

  Mental: Are you able to focus and concentrate for sustained periods of times? Or are you quickly losing focus and get distracted?

  Spiritual/Energetic: How’s your motivation doing? Do you have a purpose in life? And a clear set of values that drive your actions?

 We all have our own personal formula...I personally found for me, my strongest might just be the physical- which is kind of funny as my profession is so "heady"- and I often talk about the spiritual/energetic side of things.

How does this bode well for me? How do I use it?

I recognize morning time is my creative its the best time for me to work on creative endeavors for work for instance.

And...when I wake up, to find myself in focus- I need to move...whether its getting outside, doing some ground movement, or kettlebells, ... my supporting this area of my being...I am able to be more present in my mind, my body, my emotions and my overall energy.

Some food for thought- now go have an awesome day, I'll talk to you tomorrow.