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If Wellness, Anti-Aging, and Nutrition is Part of Your Practice...Market To Their Values!

Jan 02, 2016

With so much talk about demographic marketing based on age groups (ex- Millennials, Gen X'rs, Baby Boomers), I wanted to shed some light on something much more powerful, which spans demographics- value based marketing.


Targeting your customers and potential customers by addressing the values they hold strong, is probably the single most powerful thing you can do. Consider values to be things almost innate, they like, are driven towards, and are willing to spend money on to enhance their lives.

That being said, the most powerful, influential, and largest value set are the Cultural Creatives. I know you have heard me speak about the Cultural Creatives before, although let me give you a brief summary of what they are about.

Remember that we are gauging demographics around values; not age, race, sex, or anything else. When you group values together, you can have Baby Boomers, Millennials, men, women, different races- all liking the same things. Also, when you look into them, understand that a Cultural Creative does not have to have all of the values, or even a majority, they can have a strong attachment to just a few.

The Nitty Gritty of the Cultural Creatives

Values (things they like) of the cultural creative include: Yoga, meditation, alternative health, organic foods, a world view of life, have little to no debt regardless of their income, enjoy travel based experience- not necessarily luxury, they are eco-green, purpose driven, not driven as much by a job, are creative, relationships are important, more into magazines and books compared to TV, they are holistic, are innovators, opinion leaders on the best products (fine food, beers, quality nutrition), and when it comes to health care, they like to take responsibility in their experience, not just handing the controls over to another person.

Their buying habits show they are not impulse buyers, they are careful shoppers who look toward brands which align with their values. They work to understand and appreciate being educated before they buy. They are huge into label reading, look for sustainable solutions and answers.

So this leads us to sub cultures, and what I share with you in this short video is the three main sub-cultures, what makes them tick (what their values are), and how to market to them.

Additionally I am sharing with you what you need to know about the Cultural Creatives, a group of 50 million plus and growing who are shaping the world- and the kicker is, holistic and natural medicine is huge to them.

Grab a pen, take some notes…pass this off to your marketer, and then after you see the values, I bet you will be identifying those around you, customers, friends, etc as what values they hold dear.